Bill Kirk reported the following update at our General Meeting on 1/25.

At the last General Meeting held on September 21, 2020, Raj Verma provided an update of the expected scope and timeline of the Tarpon River clean up project. I wanted to provide a brief update to that summary:

In December the City submitted the water quality assessment reports for Tarpon River and George English Lake to the FDEP. A link to these reports is provided at Tarpon River Water Quality Report

FDEP has given the green signal to start the suction dredging for both George English Lake and Tarpon River.  Since the City has the permits for George English, dredging there will begin as soon as purchasing is able to secure a contractor. Permitting is in progress for Tarpon River. As soon as that is obtained, the work on the river would begin promptly. The city’s target start date is still Spring 2021.

Himmarshee Canal assessment is ongoing.  The City has until April 30, 2021 to submit the Himmarshee assessment report. The city hopes to have it done sooner.

Miami Waterkeeper have started sampling for water quality testing. The weekly testing by Miami Waterkeeper began on Tuesday January 12  and results are immediately posted on the Swim Guide (theswimguide.org).  Sampling sites in the Tarpon River, at George English and in the Himmarshee canal were included.