9th and cordova

The city conducted a public meeting on February 26 (presentation below) to discuss and receive public input on the seawall replacement along Cordova Rd. and the proposed new Dock Use Permit ordinance.  Significant changes were made to the proposed ordinance from the first discussion at the Marine Advisory Board.   The primary one was clarifying that ONLY the upland parcel property owner would be eligible to apply for a permit.  Previously, neighboring parcels would be given that opportunity as well.  The new language only allows for neighboring parcel owners to apply if there is no direct upland parcel (think street ends.).  You can read the full ordinance below with the public discussion link.  The next step will be another hearing with the Marine Advisory Board.  We will post time and date when available.




pdfFeb 26 Presentation


The city has also put up a dedicated page for information related to this project. Follow the link below.

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