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MAY 2nd 7:30 PM

Rio Vista Church-9th St Entrance.


To deal with the problem of rising tides that affect all of us, the City of Ft Lauderdale has proposed an ordinance mandating an increase in the height of every seawall within the city.  We have been offered an opportunity by the City to explain the proposed ordinance to our residents, and to provide a forum for feedback to the City regarding whether or not our neighborhood supports this effort.  As a result, the Board of Directors of the Rio Vista Civic Association has called a Special RVCA Meeting to discuss this.  The purpose of this meeting is to develop a response to the City based on our neighborhood's consensus.  As per our Bylaws, discussion at this Special Meeting will be limited to the topic above.  The meeting is open to everyone in our neighborhood, and membership in the Rio Vista Civic Association is NOT a prerequisite to attend nor to vote at this meeting.  However, actual voting will be limited to residents that live within Rio Vista (once again, membership in the association is NOT a prerequisite to vote).  Kindly bring some form of identification with you to the meeting so that residency in Rio Vista can be confirmed.  Please make every effort to attend as this important issue will affect all of us.  

Thank you,Warren Sturman, MD
Rio Vista Civic Association


Read the Full Ordinance pdfhere.

View Presentation from the City pdfhere.