Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda


Location: Warren’s

Date:  Thursday,  April  03, 2014

Time:  7:30 pm


I.    Call to Order, Roll Call, Verify Quorum: HERE: Fred, Mark, CMC, Nancy, Chuck, Bill, Warren, Patricia Bailie Absent: Mike

II.   Officers' Reports:  Nothing new.   2/20/14 Minutes from Board: all in favor

III.  Council Representative-  Shirley not here.  RV is designated recognized neighborhood.   


IV.  Committee Reports:

     A.  Disaster Preparedness- Jorge Hruschka from City working with Fred.

     B.  Membership / Welcome- continue putting in newsletter

     C.  Newsletter / Web: happy w/Courtney and photographer Daniel will volunteer for photos;  boat ramp on 15th ground breaking is 4/5/14. Add link to city customer service email.  

     D.  Parks:  yard sale 4/5/14

     E.  Security:  

     F.  Social:  no

V.  Old Business:

     A.  SE 9 Street Bridge- this is city issue weeds/ficus FS will mention to Diana

     B.  Swale code Guidelines-  

     C.  Golf Cart violations- Sec. Patrol has been enforcing.  Reduced children drivers

     D.  Re-stripping speed humps- $800/hump is what city pays to paint them no money in this year budget.  Prioritize, research effectiveness/grants,  

     E.  Young Park new playground equipment- 

     F.  SE 7 Street Entranceway- painting done, irrigation fixed, removed fill/plants, $900 estimate plants/install etc with 90 day warranty of replacing if die.  Motion by Chuck to fund all in favor

     G.  Concourse de Rio Vista Update- need new person for next year

     H.  Campout/Carti-Gras Update- 

     I.  Re-stripping speed humps- see above.

VI.   New Business:

     A.  Community Yard Sale—Saturday, April 5, 9am-1pm 

     B.  New River Raft Race—Saturday, April 5, Noon.

     C.  Downtown corporate run- today

     D.  Local Fire-Rescue station- nobody has heard anything

     E.  Guest Speaker (s):  Diana Greenlaw, Smartwater Presentation.  

     F.  Next Board Meeting:  5/1/14 

     G.  Next General Meeting:    5/12/14


     H.  Bill Storrs & Hugh Morris members from RV Church- longterm direction of church no interest in mega church want to keep it small; 3 immediate needs to address: consolidate office space; south field play/parking area; 2 more classrooms

 Take south building down and make that area field and move lil kids playground to there and make small house 2 story.  North building dumpster area will be 1 story pedestrian areas on both will remain.  Dumpster will move to north gate.  20 ft is normal church setback they are looking for 10 on north side to match the sidewalk there and to double the 5ft. at the house. 

I. Interim appointment by Warren of PATRICIA BAILIE to the Board H- 954.462.2347 C 954.383.3991 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





VII.  Adjourn 855pm

Submitted, Christina Curie