RVCA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Location: Warren’s

Date & Time: 2/20/14 739pm

1.     Call to Order, Roll Call, Verify Quorum

a.     Present: Christina, Nancy, Fred, Bill, Warren,

b.     Absent: Mark, Chuck, Mike, Luna

c.     Quorum yes

2.     No Officers Reports.

a.     Secretary Minutes from October 10, 2013 motion to approve by Bill all approve

b.     Treasurer: balance $18k balance 242 members now 

c.     VP- Nothing

3.     Council Representative- still need to know if Shirley doing this. Nancy to find out.

4.     Committee Reports-

a.     Disaster Prep- nothing

b.     Membership/Welcome-  cmc got feedback from quarter page article that we discussed I would add to newsletter at October 2013 meeting . 

                                               i.     Do this in every newsletter

                                             ii.     Describe civic association, sticker, Holiday party, boat parade, campout, Halloween security

                                            iii.     Nancy motion to offer free rvca membership 1 for 2014 if you moved in  2014 and  attends next gm

c.     Newsletter/Web-

                                               i.     Daniel Lateulade new resident photographer offered GM to do volunteer photos for newsletter

                                             ii.     Deadline soon

                                            iii.     Warren writing presidents message

                                            iv.     2010 golf cart article

                                              v.     Want to be a board member show up at GM and introduce yourself.

d.     Parks- V SY updates Sept. 2014

                                               i.     Neighbor inquiry to Fred re cost to take out mulch and put in turf, add gazebo,

1.     Almy gave cost info to resident and hasn’t followed up.

2.     Warren’s correspondence to go into newsletter

e.     Security-  no

f.      Social-no

5.     Old Business

a.     Stranahan Landing Plaque/bell replica- installed photo in next newsletter

b.     Abreau Place Plaque dedication- Nancy to spearhead

c.     LYC variance- warren to followup

d.     Young Park Upgrades done summer 2013 more upgrades to come

e.     SE 7 St entrance- proposal from Paul Brin current landscaper

                                               i.     Motion to spend $350 to clean up and shape on SE 7 Street all in Favor and up to $250 paint and supplies

                                             ii.     Need to know about Fred Hunters sprinklers

                                            iii.     Painting/Cleaning will start getting colors to be done by board

                                            iv.     South entrance-

1.     Need to ask Mark Almy about maintenance

2.     What is covered by what RVCA pays landscaper now

f.      SE 7 St turning lanes

g.     Holiday party and boat parade updates- success

6.     New Business

a.     SE 9 St Bridge- weeds/paint/clean. Romney Rogers is having parks look at it. 

b.     Re Striping of Speed Bumps-

                                               i.     Waiting for Diana Alcaron from city

c.     Correspondence from someone re adding Speed bumps on 12th street

                                               i.     Warren will tell Harbordale president no objection

d.     Swale code compliance and sidewalk parking- TODO: match to email

                                               i.     Waiting for Diana Alcaron from city

e.     Golf Cart violations-

                                               i.     Tell Steve to start enforcing as see appropriate

                                             ii.     Newsletter publicity

f.      Campout/carti gras- Tom Penavera is co-hosting it this year. 

                                               i.     Motion to authorize up to $200 for supplies

g.     Guest speakers- City Parks, Security Patrol

h.     Next board meeting- THURS APRIL 3RD


7.     Adjourn @ 910 PM

Submitted by Christina Currie

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