RVCA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Location: Warren’s

Date & Time: 3/7/13 @ 8pm

1.     Call to Order, Roll Call, Verify Quorum

i.      Present: Chuck, Warren, Fred, Nancy, Bill, Christina

ii.     Absent: Luna, Mike, Mark

iii.   We have a quorum.

2.     No Officers Reports.

3.     Council Representative- Nancy to Ask if Shirley still Doing this.

4.     Committee Reports-

i.      Disaster Prep- no

ii.     Membership/Welcome-no

iii.   Newsletter/Web- no 

iv.    Parks- 

5.     VSY- on 3/11/13 CMC emailed Almy to make sure $ still there for VSY mulch and to ask if he’d be able to come to a GM in May and to request an estimate start date assuming in May we actually move forward.

6.     ii. STRANAHAN- Nancy is going to resend sign for approval

i.      Security

ii.     Social

iii.   VSY campout toilet still there Mark has made multiple requests for removal no concern of charges.

iv.    Holiday party- CMC to do ticket sales

v.     Mark: are paypal or square up an option for us?

vi.    Suggestions for  additional sales table, sales for drink tickets near bar, early sales

7.     Old Business

i.      SE 7 Street plans to add designated turning lane for turning north from east of Federal DOT has approved waiting on county approval now (FRED)

ii.     New River Pedestrian Ferry- Water Taxi will be to/from Stranahan or 4 point loop.  Discount ticket. Anticipate testing in Summer 2013. RV target market.

iii.   SE 9 Street was Subnamed for Huizenga

iv.    10 st waterway/dock variance

8.     New Business

i.      JR league walk coming

ii.     Fake RVCA parking notices reported to patrol

iii.   April is antique car show

iv.    Next Board meeting 4/11/13 @ Warren’s

v.     Next GM in May- 

9.     Mark: are there certain days? Sign says TUES @ 7PM.



i.      SE 7 St Entrance Remodel Proposal Presented by Bill

10.  Summary: Natural Art willing to do for free.  Will gut/remodel/replant both sides.  Raise level, retaining walls, painting, lighting (link to CMC), terracotta color, so far all donated but paint.  Anticipate paint being donated too.

i.      Motion by Warren and all were in favor.

11.  Adjourn @ 9pm


Respectfully Submitted by Christina Currie

For a downloadable pdf, click below:

pdfRVCA Board Minutes 3.7.13.pdf