Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda

Location: Fred’s

Date: Thursday, June 10,  2010

Time: 7:30 pm

I.    Call to Order, Roll Call, Verify Quorum- Shirley, Wyngate, Bill, Fred, CMC, Warrenz

II.   Officers' Reports- Nothing

III.  Council Representative- Nothing new talking about Planned Unit Development.  This is the most restrictive zoning imposed on property.  Council wants to change and in order to do it they need approval of all neighborhood.  This deals w/ 1st Pres. project.  Shirley not sure what they want to change specifically; read email she doesn’t understand.

IV.  Committee Reports:

A.  Disaster Preparedness:- Adderly canceled all 3 meetings Fred had set.  So don’t know what’s going on guess nobody cares, wait for a hurricane.  Warren says it will be busy hurricane season; good to know.

B.  Membership / Welcome:

C.  Newsletter / Web:  Wyngate lives on Ponce and 11th and didn’t get a newsletter.  Bid was sent out to high school kids who are delivering.  Huge success.  Warren helped too. George is paying $25/hr which is half of what it would cost to mail.  Warren is talking about doing it and donating $ to hours.  Nancy and George coordinated.

BEST OF RIO VISTAà George has a way around offending advertisers.

D.  Parks:  We are starting here w/o Warren to get this going.  Fred and Wyngate have been to 3 meetings with city people and contractor foreman today looking at completion day 8/1 for hardscape that will allow drivers u-turn onto Rio Vista Blvd.  The other u turn will be finished after city sea wall repairs because of deterioration ($25k; leaving over $150k to RV); we will have sea wall seating like across the water.   That means tear down of original.  Job held up by apt. building improper sewage, etc. City K was barebones (no lights/irrigation). Fred is planning to add native landscape, lighting (sleeves are in), irrigation to follow River Walk plan.  Fred is trying to get transplanted mature oaks from Circuit City area.  No estimated end date.  Road will be asphalt and sidewalks will be pavers.  Edgewater parking lot should be able to use lot after August.  Warren came late Wyngate had to say all of this stuff over again!!  Tree everyone has complained about is doing fine.  Waiting to see about moving.

E.  Security:  Nothing (insert gossip here)

F.  Social:  Nothing

V.  Old Business:

A.     Tunnel Park- above

B.  Tree in Young Park- above

C.  Kids in Distress Run- went well

D.  DOT:  US 1 Project (SE 17 Street to Tunnel) no updates

VI.   New Business:

A.  Hand delivery of newsletters-above

B.  DOT:  17 Street Project (Southport Shopping Center)- Warren is saying he gave us bad information.  Complaining about the left turn lane coming into straight lane so they want to eliminate lane into Southport Plaza.  Had some nice Walnut Creek white wine…so refreshing.  Warren is mentioning petition against this.  Haven’t heard anything. Warren will invite if we all want.

C.  Guest:  PUD moratorium presentation- Warren cancelled this.

D.  Election of Officers- Nancy and Mark are okay doing this.  Mark prefers to stay treasurer. CMC will do secretary.  Motion to nominate meà Bill said all in favor!  I won, it’s a landslide.  Congratulations Mark, when do I get trained?

E.  Next Board Meeting:  Thursday 8/5à  We are skipping July unless an issue arises.  So next board meeting is 1st Thursday before General Meeting. (8/5 at Fred’s house)

F.  Next General Meeting: 3rd Monday of August (16th). We need new signs for meetings.  Motion: to get new signs- all in favor of new signs for these meetings. Election have candidates. Warren is going to ask Mike about organizing.   Everyone liked Isabella’s pizza better.  Fred says ask Anthony’s about cutting a deal.

G. Wyngate is suggesting Centennial Party.

VII.  Adjourn- Woo Hoo