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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

1750    10-8, called in detail, checked log and started patrol

2015    Completed checks, all appeared secure

2050    10-7                

Monday, August 15, 2016

1600    10-8, called in detail, checked log and started patrol

1600-   Completed about half of the checks, all appeared secure. Patrolled neighborhood.

1800    10-7      

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

0600    10-8 Called in detail; no new text messages or voicemails

Started roving patrol

0700    Once the sun came up, I began house checks.

0900    Finished house checks; started more roving patrols

            Hemmingway; LYC, and parks clear

1810    Received call from resident  a hydrant was open.  I observed the hydrant and had dispatch contact Fire. 

1930    Checked Yacht Club

Sunday, July 31, 2016

1745    10-8, called in and added 1 to the vacation list.

1900    Patrolling and conducting checks

2115    Checks complete 10-7

Monday, August 01, 2016          


0635    Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure. Upon checking I placed two boxes to the rear under the pool cabana area, I left a message with local contact.

0750    Responded to 620 S. Federal Highway in reference to an alarm. (accidental by worker)

0820    Moved detail car per request.

0900    Patrolled isles, bridges, and LYC.

0920    Patrolled Rio mainland and parks, no unusual activity to report.

0940    A quick traffic enforcement 9Ave/11 Ct. No violators.

1525    Updated the vacation log. 

1540    I began patrols and rechecks of the vacation homes

1635    While checking the neighborhood I located a small group of young children with their babysitter and stopped to talk to them and distribute sticky badges.  Yes, Tom I am a big softie at heart.

1720    All of the vacation homes appeared secure on re-checks.

1800    Checked all of the parks

1820    I stopped by resident ref poss stalking. I was advised he continues to send her text messages but there has been no direct contact problems at this time.  She thanked us for the extra patrols and asked that we continue the practice for a while longer.

1910    I observed a local pizza delivery person/vehicle driving slowly down SE 8 Street.  I also noticed what appeared to be a cell phone lying on the trunk of this vehicle.  A traffic stop was made to which the young male driver quickly expressed his frustrations/concerns regarding the “police are always stopping him, picking on him because he delivers food”.  As he continued his frothy sermon-ette in dialogue referencing how he is always being mistreated and profiled by the police; I handed him his still undamaged cell phone.

            Gentlemen, if there was ever a Kodak moment this was it.  He was suddenly a poster child for regret, embarrassment, confusion and self-pity all at the same time.  I thought he was going to melt into his seat like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz movie.

The driver was now suddenly absolutely speechless.  As he sorted though all of his emotions apparently realizing that I had actually (despite the terrible person I apparently am) just saved his bacon.  He was totally unable to put two words together as his mouth was gaping at the hinges. I believe the internal mental strife/conflict must have been a very humbling experience for him. I could be wrong but I would like to think it was. 

The now quite sheepishly grateful driver and his electronic device were reunited before a very expensive disaster struck.  I think maybe someone may need to lower his sail as the wind just died out on the course he was traveling.  

1925    Flagged down by a resident who believed he saw children playing in the construction site located at SE 9 Street and SE 9 Ave.  I checked the security of the site and it appeared secure.  I entered and searched the entire property locating no persons or any evidence of a problem.  I secured the fence upon leaving and once again spoke to the complainant.     

2000    Received call on detail phone from a resident stating she saw a homeless type man laying across the sidewalk on SE 7 Street near the Quik Mart.  I located the individual who identified himself.  He was clearly intoxicated but was otherwise quite fine.  He stated he just left the hospital earlier today and they told him they would not give him any drugs for his “condition, so he got drunk instead.” 

The individual stated all he needed was some drugs or some beer and he would be ok.  He added “I’ll go away if you can get me some drugs or buy me a six pack”.   Not feeling as if was in a good position negotiate with me , I ultimately gave him the choice of going to jail (again) or leaving the area on his own terms.  He chose to take a walk.

2035    Checking the businesses, church and school properties.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


1745    10-8, called in, no messages and started patrol and checks

2030    Completed check, all appeared secure

Monday, July 18, 2016             


0645    Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0845    Patrolled bridges, isles, and LYC.

0910    Responded to alarm.  Cancelled upon arrival.

0940    Patrolled Rio mainland and parks, pretty quiet day.

1000    Patrolled business district along Federal Highway with no unusual activity to report. It’s probably too hot outside.

(1) Resident stated she and her ex-husband had a court date this morning, he showed up drunk and lost his case and is angry.  She asked for drive by checks of the property from time to time as she is afraid he may retaliate.

1530    I began my patrols and re-checks of the vacation homes.

1545    I cleared a traffic issue related to construction workers parking trucks on the SE 9 Street Bridge.  The violating vehicles were moved by the owners to a safer place to park.

1655    Received a second call from resident now reporting suspicious juveniles along Cordova Road near a boat dock.  The caller advised they weren’t doing anything but thought it was an unusual place for them to be.  Upon arrival within minutes nothing was located. 

1730    Received test from member requesting vacation home check 7/19-7/26 – Added to list

1900    All of the vacation homes appeared secure on recheck.

1920    I stopped a W/M who was jogging N/B in the 1500 block of N. Rio Vista Blvd wearing a dark colored full facial bandana and long pants.  Thinking this was a bit unusual on a day when its 95 in the shade not to mention the obvious failure to visually disclose his identity, I followed the individual for several blocks from a distance to observe his activity.  I began to notice the residents who had observed him were all startled as he ran past their homes; one of which had already picked up his phone to call the police.

The subject eventually came to SE 5 Ct. and Federal Hwy. where I approached him asking to speak to him.  The subject stopped but was obviously none too happy to see me and began copping an attitude immediately when was spoke.  I was eventually told he runs like this because he read about it in a cross training magazine as a performance enhancer for his workout. 

Soon the subject walked away stating he did not have to talk to me anymore, claiming these people in Rio Vista are too rich for their own good they are all paranoid.   He seems harmless overall but he possesses zero common sense combined with a really combative attitude towards the police and other citizens in the neighborhood.

Since I am sure he now feels an overwhelming validation of his cause (whatever that may be) by sticking it to the man with his unusual escapades; I am certain he will continue his behavior even if he collapses of a heat stroke while doing it.  Please see below:  

2020    I spoke to several of the residents who had also seen the above listed individual and gave them a report of what I learned while briefly speaking to him.

2040    Final checks of the area.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

1300    10-8 Called in detail and listened to one message from Captain Scelfo regarding an alarm at a residence in Rio Vista.  I called back the resident after checking the home to let her know all was good. Also removed all her mail which was piling up and put it on the back patio

1320    Began vacation checks, rain started to fall so vacation checks were suspended.  I resume the vacation checks however unable to complete all due to weather.

1600    10-7

Monday, July 04, 2016           

0630    10-8 I called in the detail and left a message for Carol/One message on detail phone

0645    I repaired, updated the current vacation home log and checked the previous activity logs

0715    I began my patrols and checks of the mere (33) vacation homes.

0920    (3) large delivery boxes were moved to the rear during home check

0950    I startled the cleaning lady and her girlfriend at the pool of the vacation home  There was no one initially reported to be on location by the home owner however after checking further with the owner this subject was granted access to the property and identified as her cleaning lady.

1025    All (22) homes on the mainland checked secure, now on to the Isles.

1120    I assisted a lost motorist seeking Broward Health Medical Center.

1200    All (11) of the homes on the Isles checked secure, talk about holiday fun!!

1230    10-7, Happy 4th of July to all even if it’s about 195 degrees in the today

Sunday, June 19, 2016

1710    10-8, starting checks

1930    Patrolled Isles, mainland and LYC.

2010    completed checks, all appear secure

Monday June 20, 2016     

0800   10 8 called in detail start patrolling

0900    I started the vacation checks and completed all..

1100    I checked parks, Isles and Federal Hwy Corridor. Caller/resident called and complained regarding delivery truck blocking Cordova and 9 St I checked the area and the vehicle was GOA

1515    I began my patrols and re-checks of the vacation homes

1630    All (17) of the vacation homes appeared secure on re-checks

1740    Received a call on the detail phone from resident on Ponce in reference to two young W/M’s going door to door knocking and speaking to residents.  I located the individuals (one of which is a Rio Vista resident) and inquired about their activities.  I was shown a four question survey they were conducting in reference to waste disposal.  They were not selling any products only collecting data for a conservation project they were studying. 

            I advised them of the complaint and advised them if the complaints continued we may have to address this again however they did not appear to be in violation of the City Ordinance under these circumstances and they were allowed to continue.

1830    Patrolled the main entrance streets of the neighborhood.

1925    Dispatched to a residential alarm.  The home owners partner was present with key and code but stated she accidentally forgot to disarmed the alarm before she re-entered the home.  It was closed as accidental.

2000    Staging the patrol car at SE 9 Street and SE 11 Ct. 

2120    Foot patrols back to my car along SE 9 Ave, Ponce De Leon, SE 9 Street and SE 8 Street

Monday, June 06, 2016      

1600    Resumed patrols and checks of the (20) vacation homes.

1635    Received call on detail phone from resident requesting extra patrol of this home today and tomorrow as the home will be tented.  This information was passed along to the FLPD third shift patrol sergeants as well.

1700    All of the vacation homes on the mainland checked secure

1820    All of the vacation homes on the Isles checked secure.  With numerous delivery packages taken to the rear

1900    Patrolled the Yacht Club and Isles.

2000    Patrolled the main entrance streets to the neighborhood with foot patrol on the school and church properties before a thunderstorm begins.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016     

0410    Patrolled neighborhood/roving patrol

0800    Out of service

1600    10-8, no messages

1615    Beginning vacation checks

1830    Completed vacation checks

1900    To the station for fuel

2000    Raining like crazy!

2050    Stopped 2 youths on golf cart.  14 years old.  Advised on DL law and sent home with warning that future violations would be tickets.

2300    Drive through of LYC, Roving patrol of Isles, Found a fisherman on the 7 Street Isle; who stated he had been fishing there for years and had a fishing license.  More roving patrols

2355    Ford Focus parked in the middle of the road of 8 Street Isle; after investigating it was an uber driver looking for a house.

0100    More roving patrols, Federal Hwy business and last route around every street and Isle

0205    10-7

Sunday, May 22, 2016     

0210    Patrolled neighborhood

0500    Out of service


1605    In-service, called in, added one to vacation log. One message left on detail phone in reference to a vagrant on property at 6 Ct.  I’ll check it on my way to check it out.

1730    completed checks all appeared secure, no vagrant found

1905    very quiet evening with an awesome sunset

2005    out of service

Monday, May 23, 2016     

0140    Patrolled neighborhood. I removed several subjects from fishing at the dead end of SE 10 Street.

0430    Out of service

1500    10-8 I called in the detail and spoke to Carol/(3) Messages on detail phone

            1530    I began my patrols and checks of the vacation homes

1710    All of the vacation homes appeared to be secure

1740    Received call from resident requesting vacation home check

1800    Patrols of all of the parks

1900    Patrols of the main entrance streets to the neighborhood

1945    Checked on parking issue in the 800 block of Ponce – All was clear

2015    Foot patrols of the businesses, church and school properties along Federal Hwy

2030    Extended foot patrol in the area of the school as a large year end event is underway with many vehicles present ay the time.

Sunday, May 08, 2016


0400    10-8, called in, Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

0600    Completed either walk-thru or drive-by vacation checks, all appeared secure, 10-7

Monday, May 09, 2016    


0700    Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0830    Patrolled isles, bridges, and LYC, no unusual activity to report.

0900    Patrolled Rio mainland and parks, many residents out enjoying the nice weather, remained visible.

0930    Patrolled business district along S. Fed.   All quiet.

0950    Flagged down by non member resident complaining about continuous dog barking. Upon knocking at  there was NO barking ETC, contact was made with who stated her dogs are usually kept in the house and she has been having an on going issue as he continues to harass her and at one time placed his hands on her (advised to report this to PD).  provided with a noise control ordinance brochure and was very cooperative.

1015    Final rounds

1520    Beginning my patrols and re-checks of the vacation homes

1630    I spoke to a resident about all the people collecting trash in the neighborhood

1700    All of the vacation homes checked secure on re-checks.

1740    It is apparent big trash day is here again.  The parade of treasure seekers are circulating the area windshield shopping for curbside bargains.  There is a wide variety of merchandise to choose from today something on every ones list I am sure.  I have seen wicker furniture, televisions, old paint, garden hoses, swing sets and a church pew on one street alone. 

1830    Checking the parks as many are out enjoying a nice evening.

1915    Patrolled the church, school and businesses along Federal Hwy

2030    Final patrols

2100    10-7


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