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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, March 31, 2013              


1615 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC. Complete Isles house checks.

1700 – Patrol mainland, are parks, and complete house checks.

1830 – Patrol Federal business area.

1915 – Final neighborhood patrols.

Monday, April 01, 2013,      


0900-   I was flagged down by resident, her brown Labrador ran away.

1000-   Resident called and has located dog.

1030- Patrolled Isles, LYC.

1050- Patrolled Rio mainland, parks and to the rear of businesses along Federal. No unusual activity to report.

1105- Directions provided to lost motorist seeking Port.

1120- Property check. a carport door leading into house unsecured, the pool has now been covered for safety purposes.

1140- Final patrols all areas.

1615    Message about a neighbor who stopped a bm from taking a bike earlier and now had the bike. I called him back and he advised that around 1205, his neighbor found a subject in his garage who claimed to be looking to do work. The neighbor ran him off and then saw him a short time later with a new bike. He stopped the male who fled. Stated that PD picked up the bike earlier.

1715    Completed delivery of new signs

1740    Traffic stop for one way violation on SE 9 Ave. A warning was given.

1910    Call from resident reference a suspicious black Chevy 4 door casing the area around Ponce. Car was GOA.

2020    Responded to alarm. All appeared secure. Malfunction.

Sunday, March 17, 2013            


1645 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1730 – Patrol mainland and area parks.

1845 – House checks completed during patrols.

1930 – Patrol Federal business district.

Monday, March 18, 2013        


0930- Patrolled behind businesses along Federal Hwy.

0940- Patrolled Isles and LYC..

0955- Responded to alarm (accidental by worker).

1100- Patrolled Rio mainland and parks.

1140- Final rounds.

1600    10-8, no phone messages, I was flagged down reference a box trucked parked on blind corner at 12/ Cordova. Truck was there and empty. I was unable to locate driver, so called for a tow. Approximately 15 min later, two individuals emerged who were making a delivery. I explained the dangers of parking taking a lane on a blind corner.

1655    Traffic stop on taxi for one way violation. Warning given.

1800    Checked Yacht club parking areas

1915    Continuing patrols. (Constant drizzle)

2230    Dispatched to suspicious car parked in the roadway for several in front of residence. White Chrysler came back to rental agency, good condition, properly parked. The reporter did not want contact. MI Completed.

0110    Contacted W/M homeless subject who was wandering into the area from SE 9 St/ Federal. He had just got out of the hospital, I directed him out of area.

Sunday, March 03, 2013          


1715 – Patrol mainland and area parks.

1830 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1930 – House checks complete, patrol federal district.


Monday, March 04, 2013              

0945- Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

1015- Flagged down by Bethany Asst Principle who requested we parked detail car on south side of 9 St to better allow bus pick up for children.

1030- Patrolled behind businesses along Federal, no unusual activity to report, to cold for 86s.

1100- Patrolled Isles, LYC.

1130- Foot patrol parks along the Rio mainland.

1200- Directions provided to lost motorist.

1215- Final patrols all areas, quiet day.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


0500    Called in detail, no messages and starting vacation checks and patrol.

0600    All quiet.

0700    completed vacation checks

1830    Completed deliveries, took vehicle to the station for PM

1905    Returned to Rio, continued patrols   

2100    Checked Yacht club parking areas

Monday, February 04, 2013            


0745- Began laser speed enforcement 940 block of SE 9th St. After tracking 30 vehicles

           only one was 26mph.(verbal warning provided). All others were 20 mph and under.

0850- Began and completed out of town checks, all appears to be secure.

0920- Patrolled Isles, LYC.

0950- Patrolled Rio mainland and businesses along Federal.

1030- Foot patrol parks, nice day, many residents out.

1115- Final patrols all areas.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013           


1630    Completed vacation checks

1730    Checked Yacht Club parking areas

1800    Continued patrols

1910    Call from resident of a suspicious gold Camry possibly casing the area with 3 B/M’s as occupants. Yesterday he saw a black Malibu with red stripe and side damage also acting suspiciously. I circulated the area, it was GOA.

2140    Responded to a call of a suspicious car at the end of SE 10 St. I discovered three juveniles from St. Thomas who claimed to just be hanging out. A consensual search revealed approximately 6 grams of marijuana in the car. All three parents responded and took custody of the juveniles. A report was taken. I returned to the station with the evidence.


Sunday, January 20, 2013              

2000 – Begin house checks.

2045 – All house checks secure.

2100 – Patrol mainland and area parks.

2200 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

2245 – Extra attention to S. Rio due to recent vehicle burglaries.

Monday, January 21, 2013              

0740- Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0810- Patrolled Isles and bridges, no fisherman present.

0840-   Patrolled Rio mainland, focusing on S. Rio.

0915- Traffic enforcement 9ave/11Ct. (1) stop. She stated it’ her first day working for the Moody’s (confirmed members) verbal given.

0945- Contact was made with member who found a new I-phone in VSY

           Park. Phone was locked for calls/text. While in possession of phone it rang (couldn’t

           Answer) but took number and contacted caller who provided me with some info on

           owners work address. Eventually made contact with owner

who retrieved phone.

1040- Flagged down by resident in ref her 21V last week. I assured we are

           aware of the incident and have been patrolling the area in an effort to elevate problems.

1100- Patrolled businesses along Federal Hwy. No unusual activity to report.

1115- Final patrols all areas.


Sunday, January 06, 2013                  

0310 – Patrol LYC, Cordova, and Isles.

0330 – Located a running suspicious occupied vehicle at the dead end of SE 7th St. Isle. The vehicle was occupied by a male and female who both still live with parents. I think we all get the picture. They both left the area without incident.

0415 – Patrol mainland and area parks. Bars must have been busy tonight, yet another couple professing their affection. Again they left the area without incident.

0530 – Patrol Federal highway business district.

0600 – Located 2 homeless males setting up behind Domino’s Pizza. Both were trespassed from the area and advised not to return.

0630 – House checks completed during patrols.

Monday. January 08, 2013              


1015- Began patrol of Rio mainland.

1040- Rain let up, began and completed out of town house checks, all appear to be secure.

1110- Patrolled business corridor along Federal Hwy. No unusual activity to report.

1140- Patrolled Isles along with LYC.

1215- Foot patrol parks, no activity.

1230- Flagged down by out of country lost motorist, directions provided to port.

1240- Traffic enforcement along 9 Ave. Traffic stop

1330- I made contact with S-86 type W/M entrance way to LYC. Stated he was looking for Publix and I pointed him in the right direction.

1345- Final patrols all areas.

1940    I received call regarding a gold Chrysler with MD tag going through bags of trash. Arrived within 30 seconds, but the vehicle was GOA.  

2000    Checked on Yacht club. Met with manager and advised I was in the area.

2025    Checked car parked facing the wrong way picking up bulk trash, a warning given on a parking violation.

2230    Checked on yacht club event again. It seems to be winding down due to very poor showing by Notre Dame.

Sunday, December 23, 2012           


1115    10-8, called in and starting vacation checks.

1400    Completed vacation checks, all appears secure. Moved numerous packages from the front to the rear of numerous properties.

Monday, December 24, 2012    


0820- Began and completed out of town checks all appear to be secure.

0940- Patrolled Rio mainland and businesses along Federal Hwy.

1010-   Patrolled Isles, LYC..

1103- Dispatched to residence reference alarm, contact made with homeowner and member who hit panic button on keypad, all 10-4. 98 MI S-68.

1125- Foot patrol parks, all quiet.

1145- Final patrols all areas.

Sunday, December 09, 2012          

1700 – Begin patrols and house checks.

1745 – House checks completed. Begin mainland patrols.

1900 – Patrol isles, Cordova, and LYC.

2000 – Patrol Federal Highway business district.

Monday, December 10, 2012

1040 – Checked the out of town homes.

1100 – Began patrol. Observed a white male walking along Ponce De Leon, placing flyers at homes. Subject advised he needed a permit to solicit in the city. Subject left the area. MI 12-139181

1650    Flagged down reference an alarm going off in 1500 block Ponce. Circulated the area, unable to locate.

1745    Completed additional vacation checks

1830    Traffic stop on vehicle for one way violation. Non resident lost visiting a friend. Warning given.

1900    Responded to alarm. Resident did not have proper code for alarm. All OK. MI completed.

2100    Checked Yacht Club parking areas

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