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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, 8 March 2020

1050-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

1150-   patrolling the isle

1250-   completed a loop and checks on the isles

1440-   completed checks

1450-   out of service

Monday, 9 March 2020

0900-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

1130-   completed checks and patrol of the isles

1235-   cancel checks for resident, they are home

1300-   out of service

1945- Called into the Hudson line. Began patrolling the neighborhod. The evening was quiet and the peace was pleasant . Very enjoyable evening.

2045- continued patrolling the corridors. Very quiet 

2245-Cominuing the patrolling. Received a call regarding loud music and noise complaints from Fremantle. Responded and spoke to resident who was renting the home. Advised to turn down the music and mov.

2345-Continued for the day. Received another complaint from resident who stayed that the music and crowd has gotten louder 

0045- checked the Fed corridor and all was very quiet due to the rain. 

0145- continued the patrol. Very quiet evening 

0045- out of service 

Tuesday, March 10th 2020

0700                10-8 called in detail; 1 missed called regarding homeeless setting up camp by 


                        1 missed call; added 1 call to vacation list

0800                All house checks complete 

0900                Roving patrol on Isles

                        Hemmngway and LYC

1000                rOVING

1100                10-7 

1500-called into Hudson line and was entered by Ms. carol. Began patrol. Responded to check up on the residence and the party from last nite. There were only 3 vehicles parked and appeared to be calmed down. 

1600- continued routine patrol in and around the corridor. 

1700- checked the Fed corridor and surrounding thoroughfares. Nothing suspicious to report. 

1800- out of service. 

1800: In service. Detail called into Hudson line and reviewed activity log. Two emails and no 

new messages or missed phone calls. New sign delivered per email request. 

Began roving patrol. 

1900: High visibility patrols of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, Fed Hwy corridor, and Smoker 

park with cruise and alley lights on. 

1918: Responded to an elderly male that was not conscious, not 

breathing. Subject deceased on arrival, patrol handled 20-043785

2000: Still roving. 

2115: Out of service. 

Wednesday March 11, 2020

1500- Called into the Hudson line and spoke with Ms. carol. Began routine patrol. Very busy with construction workers. Checked up on party house and observed 1 car. 

1600- continued patrolling the neighborhood. Very busy 

1700- End of Service 

2000- Called into the Hudson line. Began routine patrol. Quieting down

2100- Continued the shift patrolling the area. Quiet neighborhood today. 

2200- Continued patrolling the corridors. The south fed highway. 

0000- continued patrolling the corridors. Construction crew in the area working in sewers. 

0100- out of service 

Thursday March 12th, 2020

1830: In service, detail called into Hudson line. Several emails, text messages (speeder & out of 

town check), and missed phone calls from yesterday and today. Delivered new sign, answered emails and texts, and then made phone contact with the three callers about various issues:

1. inquiring about the construction road closures 

2. complaint about a vehicle driving through his grass swale

3. complaint about AirBnb partying next door -did not answer but left voicemail - will attempt callback again later.

 Reviewed activity log and began out of town checks. 

1945: Out of town checks completed. Began roving patrol. 

2045: Went to airbnb and spoke with Spring Break renters who were playing in the 

backyard of the residence. Had a polite conversation with them and advised them to keep 

their noise down. Attempted contact with reportee at her residence and via phone several 

times, still with no answer. 

2104: While en-route to the station, was flagged down by a pedestrian about a vehicle accident 

with possible injuries. Turns out the vehicle lost control and crashed into a Suntrust building at 601 W Broward. Stood by until Fire Rescue and service aide arrived. Case # 20-045216

2200: high visibility patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy with
            cruise and alley lights on.

2300: Still roving

0015: Out of service. 

Friday, 13 March 2020

0810-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

0935-   completed checks on the isles,

1101-   completed checks on the mainland,

1210-   out of service

1300-  In service,  I left a message with Carol.  I reviewed the activity log.  No new messages lef on the phone. 

1330-  Patrolled the mainland.

1400-  Patrolled the isles and yacht club.

1430-  Checked businesses along S. Federal Hwy.  

1530-  Final patrol of isles and mainland. 

1540-  Flagged down at North Rio Vista Blvd. & 6th Ave. regarding a W/M possibly having a heart attack.  I made contact with him.  It appeared the subject was on a narcotic.  He was transported to BGH by EMS per his request.

1545- Dispatched to a suspicious male going door to door at N. Rio Vista Blvd.  I made contact with subject claimed he wanted to borrow a phone to have his Mother pick him up.  It appeared he actually told the truth.  One of the construction workers nearby claimed he lent him his phone to call his Mother.  While out with him, his mother came and picked him up. 34-2003-045706.

1630- Out of service.

2000-   In service, new detours everywhere.

2045-   Met with resident who advised that on or about Feb 27th, his wife was home alone and smelled cigarette smoke outside her kitchen window and eventually heard what she believed was someone trying the kitchen door handle.  Nothing further occurred.  I encouraged him to contact police in the future and to alert us if his wife would be home alone during his business trips in the future for extra patrols.  He was provided with a Rio card to ensure the number was available.

2130-   Call for service was received in reference to approximately 150 juveniles along Cordova and 10th St jumping in front of traffic and causing a disturbance.  I responded along with patrol officers and was able to trace the source of the group to SE 10th St.  I met with the home owner, who advised that he had several kids at his residence for a small gathering but suddenly realized how many uninvited guests had shown up.  After making everyone leave, the juveniles attempted to wander the HOA.  We were able to make contact with a large group and ensured they were picked up and left the area.  

2330-   Continued high visibility patrols all clear.

0020-   Call for service were received at th 800 blk of SE 12th St and another in the area of 12th and S Fed in reference to construction noise and drilling.  It was determined that crews were actively working on the sewer lines in the area.  High visibility patrols were continued.

0100-   Patrols all clear

0200-   Patrols all clear.  Met with security at LYC who advised all was quiet.

0300-   Out of service.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

0840-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

0930-   completed checks on the isles,

1245-   completed checks on the mainland,

1440-   out of service

1900-   10-8 called in detail; reviewed previous logs. 1 sign requested for new member

            No new messages

            Began roving patrols

2000    Roving on Isles

            Roving on mainland

2100    Check LYC and Hemmingway

            Federal Hwy checks

2200    Roving patrol 

2300    10-7 

Sunday, 15  March 2020

0825-   in service, 1 new message reference a new sign, detail called in, starting patrol,

1030-   completed checks on the isles

1205-   completed checks on the mainland

1225-   out of service

1900- called into Hudson line. No new messages. Began roving patrol. Very quiet. 

2000- continued patrolling the neighborhood and corridors. Very quiet. 

2032- received a call from regarding a traffic crash. Both parties remained on scene. Patrol responded and assisted.  All went well. 

2200- continued routine patrol in and around the rio corridor

2300- still quiet in the area. Nothing going on 

0000- continued high visibility patrol. Very quiet 

0100- checked the Federal corridor, maincorridors. 

0200- Out of service 

Monday, 16 March 2020

0630-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol, 

0930-   completed checks on the isles

1130-   completed a patrol and checks on the mainland

1320-   Resident called in reference to her stolen vehicle from overnight. Report taken by patrol.  

1330-   out of service. 

1930    Patrolling the area.  Quiet

2100    Checked yacht club

2230    Continuing patrols with cruise lights on.  Little activity.

0000    10-7

Tuesday March 17, 2020

1800: In service, detail called into Hudson line. There are no new emails, texts, or missed calls. 

Reviewed activity log and completed the out of town checks. 

1830: Began roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy corridor w/ cruise and 

alley lights on.

2000: Still roving, quite a few pedestrians out. 

2115: Out of service. 

Wednesday, 18 arch 2020

0645-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

0930-   completed checks

0945-   flagged down reference custody issue, resolved itself as I stopped, 

            back in service

1045-   out of service

Thursday March 19, 2020

1830: In service, detail called into Hudson line. There are no new emails, or texts, but two 

missed calls. 1) Resident called advising of a vehicle tag number that 

was “stealing” gravel from the sea-wall construction site...unable to find any theft/info reports in the area. 2) Delayed theft of a kayak from the waterway...after explaining options, resident did not desire PD report but, just for PD to be aware. Reviewed activity log and completed the out of town checks. 

1930: Began roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy corridor w/ cruise and 

alley lights on.

2012: Phone call from 11th ST aisle about a lost vagrant on a bicycle asking where the beach 

was - resident provided him directions but, wanted Rio patrol to be aware. Responded to 

and canvassed the area but, subject was GOA.

2030: Still roving, lots of walkers, joggers, bicyclists out - taking full advantage of quarantine 


2130: Two extremely well fed loose dogs observed in the 800 blk of NRV. With a neighbors help, 

we located the dogs. Owner was advised to get proper ID tags. 

2230: Still roving.

2256: Resident called advising of some kind of argument heard between 7th and 8th St 

aisles...located two white males (Bostonian’s) in a small paddle boat having a friendly argument. Advised they were local’s, had just got the boat, and were out for a joy ride. Advised the subjects to keep their voices down.

2330: Out of service. 

Friday, March 20 2020

1100-  In service,  I called the detail into Carol.  I reviewed the activity log.  No new messages on the phone.

1130-  An alarm went off.  I made contact with the homeowner who advised she accidently set it off.  34-2003-49900.

1200- Patrolled the mainland.

1230-  Patrolled the yacht club and isles.

1300-  Checked businesses along S. Federal Hwy.

1330-  Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1400-  Out of service.

Saturday, March 21st 2020

0700    10-8 called in detail; no new messages texts or emails

            Began vacation checks

0800    All vacation checks completed

            Roving patrol 

0902    Call from resident advising a guy fishing by “Cliff Lake”. After finally finding Cliff lake, no one in the car she described was there. 

1000    BCS, Hemmingway, LYC and Fred Hunters

1100    10-7 

1800    Return for PM hours

            1 call from advising kids in neighborhood who shoot iguanas. He was advised on what to do next time and provided with the non emergency number

1900                Roving patrols on mainland

2000                Roving on Isles

2100                10-7 

city non emergency num


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