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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, February 23, 2020

0545- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails.

0630- Patrol of the business district along South Fed.

0730- Flagged down is concerned about the temporary stop signs placed at 7St/11Av. After discussing the safety concerns he agreed it was a good idea, but he may receive resistance from the members of the association. For now all good.

0830- Patrol of the LYC, bridges, and isles. Many residents out for morning exercise.

1030- House checks complete, all appear to be secure.

remained visible all areas for remainder of shift

2200- called into the Hudson line. No new messages 

2300- patrolled the corridor. Very quiet 

0000- continued patrol. LYC cleared 

0100- out of service 

Monday, February 24, 2020

1700    10-8, new message for vacation check added to log.  Message left of suspicious male with a shopping cart from earlier today.  Advised BOLO

1800    Completed vacation checks

1830    Call of suspicious male with shopping cart again.  Contacted homeless male near 12st/ Cordova.  Advised he was collecting items to resell.  Advised him no solicitation without permit and advised caller.

2000    10-7

Tuesday February 25th, 2020

1745: In service, detail called into Hudson line. Two missed calls requesting traffic assistance on 

9th ST about trucks blocking the parents picking up their children from BCS. No missed 

mails or text messages. Reviewed activity log and began out of town checks. 

1915: Out of town checks complete, begin roving patrol. 

2015: Monitored temporary stop signs at 11th / 7th ST - stop signs are not reflective which is 

why motorists can not see them. I put out LED road flares to draw attention to the signs. Monitored for over an hour and everyone stopped as they should have. Spoke with several residents that were appreciative of our efforts but, advised that in the daytime between 0700-0800 is when most people are speeding through the area. 

2115: Out of service. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

0815-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

1015-   completed checks on the isles,

1145-   completed checks on the mainland,

1215- out of service

Thursday, 27 February 2020

0800-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

0850-   a dog, was found and returned home after several phone calls, completed checks on the isles, 

1115-   completed checks and a patrol of Rio,

1200-   out of service

1845: In service - briefly attended HOA meeting. There was one missed call (inoperable 

number), no new text messages, and one email for an out of town check which was added to the log. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol. 

1945: Set up my LED road flares at the temp stops signs again and monitored traffic for 45 mins; seems to be working. 

2045: High visibility patrol throughout the aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and smoker park with 

cruise and alley lights on. 

2145: Still roving. 

2245: Still roving - very quiet and cold out. 

2345: Burrrrrr, cold

0045: Out of service. 

Friday, 28 February 2020

0935-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

1030-   completed checks on the isles, 

1130-   completed checks on the mainland,

1205-   out of service

1500-  In service, I called in the detail to Carol.  I reviewed the activity log.  No new messages on the phone

1600-  Patrolled the yacht club and isles.

1630-  Checked the mainland and parks.

1700-  Patrolled the businesses along S. Federal Hwy.

1730-  Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1800- Out of service.

2015-   In service, began patrols.  No new messages or calls on the phone.

2130-   Responded with patrol in reference to an alarm  While checking the property, contact was made with the owner and all was quiet.  Alarm was just installed that day, accidental.

2220-   During patrols, responded to another alarm.  Patrol located an unlocked front door.  While checking the residence, contact was made with the homeowner and the alarm was deemed accidental.

2315-   Continued high visibility patrols all clear.  Out of service due to VCU call out.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

0615-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

0815-   completed checks on the isles,

1015-   completed checks on the mainland

1115-   completed a loop of Rio, nice cool morning,

1215-   out of service

1830-               10-8 called in detail; no new messages

1930                Roving patrols

2030                Roving on Isles

2130                Hemmningway; LYC

2230                10-7 

Sunday, 1 March 2020

0000-   In service, reviewed logs.  Began patrols of mainland and isles.

0100-   LYC all clear, patrol of isles all clear.  Continued high visibility patrols.

0130-   Continuous patrols all clear.  Business checks along S Federal Hwy all clear as well.

0200-   Out of service.

1010-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

1100-   received a call, wanted to make the patrol aware her 

vehicle was rummaged through last night, only a set of office keys were removed, she doesn’t want a report just wanted to make us aware. 

1120-   stopped by looked around the area, nothing of interest on 8 St, I did find 3 

byrd scooters on 9 St

1130-   received a call reference parking issue, neighbor is parking on their 

property as well as neighbors friends,  they asked if we can please keep an eye on the matter, 

1450-   completed all checks

1500-   followed black 4-door out of rio, ended up being nothing, 

1509-   back in rio

1510-   out of service

1900-  called into Hudson line.  No new messages. Began patrol. Very cold and quiet 

2000- Continued patrolling the desolate neighborhood. 

2100- Comtuned patrolling. The corridor. Very quiet. Nothing to report 

2200- checked LYC. Very quiet. 

2300- Continued patrolling. Very quiet 

0000- out of service 

Monday, 2 March 2020

0635-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

0915-   completed checks on the isles,

1020-   completed house checks on the mainland,

1100-   completed a patrol of Rio, heading to isles to check on construction parking, 

1400-   completed another drive around,

1430-   added 1 check for tomorrow only

1435-   out of service

Tuesday, March 3 2020

0700-               10-8 called in detail

                        Began house checks

0800                While on SE 7th st, tree cutting company complaining of vehicle parked and not                           able to make a full U-turn. Asked driver of vehicle to move

            While On SE 8th st; another truck complaining of vehicle blocking the                               roadway; found driver of vehicle and asked them to move up

0900                All vacation checks completed

                        roving patrols

1000                LYC, Hemmingway, BCS

1100                10-7

1845: In service, detail called into Hudson line. There are no new emails, texts, or missed phone 

calls. Updated out of town log, reviewed activity log, and began roving patrol.
1930: Vacation check added to log.

2045: Roving patrol of the isles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy corridor with cruise and 

alley lights on.

2145: Out of service.  

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

0745-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

0930-   completed checks on the isles

1130-   completed all checks,

1215-   out of service

2000- called into Hudson line. Started patrolling my area. 

2130- continued high visibility patrol in and around the Rio vista corridors very quiet evening 

2230- patrolled the S. Fed corridor and it too was eerily quiet 

2330- Continued the eve by patrolling the corridors 

0030- maintained high visibility 

0130- out of service 

Thursday, 5 March 2020

0715-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, 

0920-   completed checks and a patrol of the isles,

0940-   call reference out of town check

1115-   out of service

1915: In service. No new emails or text messages but, one missed call; upon callback, inoperable 

number. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol. 

2045: Non-stop roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed hwy corridor.

2145: Still roving with cruise and alleys lights on for high visibility. 

2230: Verbal warning to motorhome owner who had parked the 

motorhome without enough room for other vehicles to driveby. 

2345: Out of service

Friday, 6 March 2020

0650-   in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol,

0915-   completed check on the isles,

1100-   completed all checks,

1120-   out of service

1200-  In service, I called in the detail to Carol.  No new messages left on the phone.  I reviewed the activity log. 

1230-  Monitored the stop sign at SE 11th Ave & 7th Street. No violations observed.  

1300-  Patrolled the mainland.  

1330-  Patrolled the isles and yacht club.

1400-  Checked business along S. Federal Hwy.

1430-  Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1500- Out of service.

2030-   In service, began patrols of HOA.  No new voicemails or messages on Rio phone..

2130-   Continued high visibility patrols of isles and mainland, all clear.

2230-   Patrolled mainland, all clear with no suspicious activity observed.  

2330-   Continuous patrols all clear.  Little to no foot traffic and minimal vehicle traffic.  

0030-   Patrols continued with nothing of note.  Check of LYC all clear.

0130-   Patrols all clear

0230-   Continuous patrols all clear

0300-   During patrols, met with security assigned to construction equipment on SE 9th St and Ponce.  Advised all was well.

0330-   Final patrols all clear, out of service.

Saturday, March 7th 2020

1900                10-8 called in detail

                        1 new voice message; advising they would no longer be going out of town

                        Updated Log

                        Conducted all house checks via drive by

2000                While patrolling on SE 7th st Isle, residents stopped to say they were                                  thankful for the patrols in the area

                        Continued roving patrols

2100                All Isles checks

2200                LYC, Hemmigway 

2300                10-7 

city non emergency num


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