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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday January 13, 2019

1930- Continued patrolling the corridors. Very little traffic

2030- Checked LYC and all cleared. Continued checking the corridors and isles.

2130- Continued patrolling with overhead lights on. For high visibility

2230- Continued high visibility patrol.

2330- Checked LYC and Ferea highway corridors.

0030- Continued checking the Rio vista corridor. Al quiet. No pedestrians

0130- checked the Fed corridor along the Rio. Nothing unusual.

0230- out of service

Monday, January 13th 2018

0800-    10-8 called in detail

    1 message about extra patrol    Began vacation checks

0830    2019 sticker deliveries on foot

0930    2019 sticker deliveries

1020    Continue sticker delivers

1130    sticker delivers

1700    10-8, moved vehicle

1720    Beginning sticker deliveries before it gets dark

1900    Patrolling.  Quiet

1940    Traffic stop for one way violation.  

2100    Checked Yacht club parking areas

2200    10-7

Tuesday, January 15, 2018

0600- 10-8, I left a message with carol. There are no new voicemails, text, or emails. I reviewed the activity log. Began patrol of business district.

0640- House checks complete.

0700-   64 STICKERS today.

made contact with resident, she asks that an afternoon shift please check into a black GMC truck that parks in the inner circle. States that it is parked there daily for unknown reason.

Tuesday January 15th, 2019

1915: In service. Detail called into Hudson line and reviewed activity log.

2015: Roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, Fed Hwy corridor, and LYC. Cold & Quiet.

2115: Non-stop, continued roving patrol.

2230: Out of service.

Wednesday January 16, 2019

1830- Called into the Hudson line. Checked messages. No new messages. Checked LYC. All was clear but a bit busy with parking as the had an even going on.

1930- Continue checking Rio corridors. Very cold with tons of avid runners.

2030- Checked the federal corridors. All clear  runners.

2130- Checked LYC again. All clear and not

2230- Continued high visibility patrol along the corridors. Very cold and desolate roads

2330-Responded to the station to exchange failed radio

0030- Continued patrolling the corridors. Al cleared

0130- Continued high visibility patrol.

0230- out of service

Thursday January 17th, 2019

0730: In service, detail called into Hudson line, no emails, text messages, or missed phone calls.

Began out of town checks.

0800: Out of town checks complete. Monitoring student drop off at Bethany Christian School.

0830: Begin roving patrol.

0900: Roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, and LYC.

1030: Non-stop roving patrol. Lots of contractors out and about.

1100: Out of service.

1825-    in service, detail call in, 1 telemarketing message, beginning high visibility patrol

2025-    out of service

2025- Called into the Hudson line. No new messages.

Began patrolling the corridors for suspects.

2125- Continued patrolling the corridor. Still very cold but quiet.

2225- Checked LYC. All clear and quiet.

2315-  Continued checking the corridors. Extremely quiet evening

0015- continue working the area. Nothing to report. Very cold

0115- Secure for the day

Friday January, 18, 2019 

0530-    in service, detail called in, no messages, starting checks and patrol

0700-    completed checks and loop of mainland

0845-    completed checks and loop of Hemingway, LYC, and Isles

0930-    out of service

1430-   Called detail into Carol.  I reviewed the activity log.  One new voice message left on the phone.  Resident is going out of town until Monday evening.  I added the address to the vacation log.

1500-  Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1530-  Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1600-  Conducted vacation check.  The exterminator was on scene spraying the outside property.

1630-  I received a call on the Rio phone from resident.  His wife who recently had surgery fell outside in front of the house.  He was having difficulty getting her back up and on her feet. I responded and helped her up and get back inside her residence.  She did not want EMS called, nor was she hurt.

1700-  Final patrol of mainland and isles.

1730-  Out of service.

2045-    In service, detail called in.  There were two missed calls, however no messages.  There was a voicemail left, but it was just background noise as if it were an accidental dial.  No other calls. Logs were reviewed.

2115-    Commenced high visibility patrols of mainland and isles, which were continuous.

2215-    Checks of isle and LYC all clear.  Met with security at LYC who advised all was quiet.

2330-    Stopped at the residence located at 9 ave and 7th st, due to a vehicle blocking the roadway near the intersection.  Resident promptly moved the vehicle without issue. Patrols continued.

0030-    Continued patrols, checks of businesses along S Fed all clear.

0200-    Neighborhood all quiet

0245-    Responded to 7th st and S Fed with patrol for a male with a head injury.  The male was located on the west side of S Fed Hwy with a head injury after falling off of his rented scooter.  Fire rescue responded and transported the male.

0330-    Final patrol, all clear

0345-    Out of service.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

0710-    in service, detail called in, no new messages, start patrol and checks

0930-    completed checks and loop of mainland

1110-    completed a loop of Hemingway, LYC, and Isles, out of service

1500- Called into the detail line. No new messages, text or emails. Began high visibility patrol.

1600- continued patrolling the Rio community. checked LYC. All clear. seems to be no event going on until 1630 and 2 at 1830. according to LYC security guard.

1700- Conducted more high visibility by weaving through every street in Rio, isles and LYC. many waves and hi’s. LYC lot filling up with party patrons.

1800- out of service.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

0600-  10-8, I left a message for Carol from my phone as the detail phone was 100% DOA, please keep phone charged.

0640- There is one new voicemail from resident which I will attempt to contact during shift. No new texts. One new email from Mr. Snead in reference to sign delivery which has been delivered.

0720- House checks/drivebys complete.

0740- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0810- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0915- Patrol of all areas.

0940- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

1745- arrived on site, called in detail, spoke to M.Wright who walked me through the daily routine, read the detail instructions and became familiar with the logs.  Checked voicemails- no new voicemails or text messages. Found email from Mark Snead in reference to sign deliveries.

1815- received a call from a resident about a suspicious black in color GMC pick up truck.  She stated that the vehicle was parking at the circle for several hours at a time for a few weeks now. I responded to the area and located the vehicle with a FL # IDE W74. I made contact with the owner and driver of the vehicle. He stated that he owns Natural Art landscaping design and does business in the Rio Vista community. He advised that he parks here to complete his paper work and phone calls. I returned the resident’s call and updated her.

1820 - Delivered signs to new members as was requested in the email from Mark Snead.

1900- Patrol of all areas

2100- Final rounds

2130- 10-7

Wednesday,  January 23, 2019

0630- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0700- Early morning patrol of the business district.

0720- School bus stop patrol.

0745- House checks/drivebys complete.

0810- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0840- LAPS, LAPS, and more LAPS

0930- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

1700    10-8, no messages

1715    Picked up RVCA meeting signs and placed around neighborhood

1800    Resuming patrols

1950    Responded to custodial dispute.  Report was taken.

2100    Continuing patrols.  Checked Yacht Club parking areas

2300    10-7

Thursday, January 24, 2019

1315-    in service, no new messages, called in detail, starting checks and high-visibility patrol

1530-    completed checks and loop of mainland

1730-    very quiet due to the rain

1845-    completed all checks, out of service

2100- begin shift. Called into the Hudson line no new messages. Drove the corridor first and maintained high visibility.

2200- Checked LYC. Party was finishing up. Lot is packed

2300- continue to check the corridors along the fed highway.

0000- Continued patrolling the corridors with high visibility very quiet.

01001 Continued checking corridors all very quiet.

0200- secured for the day.

Friday, January 25, 2019

0725-    in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting high visibility patrol and checks

0930-    Completed checks and a loop of the mainland, spoke with several residents (no issues), observed multiple stop signs on the isle streets (no observed violations)

1125-    out of service

1600-  In service, I called the detail into Carol.  I reviewed the activity log. No new messages left on the phone.

1630-  Went to station for fuel.  13.5 gallons

1710-  I backed up Officer L. Arthur on a traffic stop.  Officer Arthur observed juvenile riding a golf cart on the roadway with numerous kids hanging on the golf cart..  His father responded to the scene and picked up his son and assured me this will never happen again. The golf cart was left on the swale. His father will make arrangements to get it back home.  The golf cart was not registered.

1730-  Patrolled the mainland and parks

1800-  Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1830-  Final patol of isles and mainland.

1900- Out of service.

2245-    In service, detail called in.  I reviewed the logs, and there were no new messages on teh Rio phone.  Checks of BCS and mainland were all clear. Began continuous high visibility patrols.

2330-    Call received from resident in reference to loud music coming from an unknown location near his residence.  I responded to the area and located the source of the music. I made contact with residence, who was playing music at a very loud volume from his boat.  He was the sole occupant. I advised him that a complaint was received, and after a brief discussion he eventually turned the music off. He was advised on noise ordinances.

0100-    Continued high visibility patrols of neighborhood and isles.  Follow up checks on previous noise disturbance were negative for a repeat offense.

0200-    Patrols continued.  Heavy rain moving in.  Might snow in this cold.  Neighborhood all quiet. Assisted patrol with attempting to locate a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at 7th/ S Fed called in by a passerby.  No one was located and no follow up calls were received.

0300-    Final patrols conducted.  Still raining, so neighborhood was void of any pedestrian or vehicular traffic.  All clear.

0345-    Out of service

Saturday, January 26, 2019 

0600-    in service, no new messages, detail called in, starting patrol, it is RAINING!   

0900-    completed checks, slow high-visibility patrol due to rain

1000-    sitting 11 Street and Cordova stop sign and assisting lost travelers

1105-    spoke with juveniles on a golf cart and explained need for drivers license - they were sent home with a warning

1300-    finally stopped rain, out of service

city non emergency num


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