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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, 23 September 2018 

1300-    in service, no new messages, called in detail, starting checks

1500-    completed a loop and checks of the mainland, very hot out!

1700-    All checks completed, out of service

2015- in service and called into Hudson line.

2115- proceeded to drive the corridors with overheads on for high variability and deterrence. Hoping to find the car burglars.

2215- Continued high visibility patrol. Checked LYC. all quiet.

2315- checked the fed highway corridors. All quiet and business as usual.

0015- Continued high visibility and overheads lights turned on. Extremely slow nite and hardly any vehicles spotted in the neighborhood.

0015- secured for the evening.

Monday, September 24th 2018

0800-    10-8 called in detail    no new messages

0900    Began house checks

    Noticed a pair of shorts and some type of suit hanging up to the rear residence

    Phoned the homeowner, who advised her husband had return home for a few days. Log     was updated

0945     All house checks completed

1000     Roving patrol

1028    Request from Snead to deliver sign to new HOA  member

1100    Continued roving

1130    Updated vacation log; removed all expired checks

1800    Sales call received on phone.  I gave them Tom GQ Gestal’s personal cell phone number to call in the future.

1830    Patrols, quiet

2000    Monitored one way for traffic.  No violations.

2200    Checked Yacht Club and Hemmingway

2245    10-7

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

0600- 10-8, I left a message with Carol, there are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0630- Began early morning patrol of isles

0645ish- Burglary in progress call came out for residence, patrol immediately set up a perimeter, I was on scene within 40 seconds or so along with a road patrol Officer. Everything turned out to be 10-4, it was a new neighbor moving into this resident.

House checks complete.

FDLE had a bail out SE 9Ave/N Rio. one in custody on scene the other jumped into water and successfully swam across to north side. He was 10-15 approximately 30 mins later. Assisted FDLE with all.

1020- 10-7

1815: In service, detail called into Hudson line. 7 missed phone calls, 7 thread was

a conversation about the bail out / helicopter presence. Phone calls: 3 voicemails left, 3

numbers inoperable, and one already spoke w/ capt. scelfo about halloween preparations. Reviewed activity log (way to go Gestal) and began roving patrol.

1915: Roving patrol of mainland, isles, LYC, and parks...arm getting tired from waving at the

lovely residents :)

2015: Resident phone call about a “bike give away program” that may be offered through the

PD; was provided Dawn Ramage’s email for follow up. Continuous roving patrol with alley and cruise lights on.

2045: Contacted a silver vehicle with flashers on at the SE 9th ST bridge; passenger was looking

over the railing for mutton fish - moved along. Shortly after, received phone call about

the vehicle / occupant “holding up traffic” - advised resident I just spoke with vehicle occupants and had them move along.

2115: Out of service.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

0600- 10-8, I left a message for carol. There are no new voicemails or texts. I added email for out of town check 1325 Ponce. I reviewed the activity log.

0700- School bus stop patrol.

0745- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0830- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0900- Patrol of Rio mainland, parks, and 11Ct alley.

0915- Received a call from member that has been added to the out of town list.

0940- Final rounds.

1930    10-8, one text from resident of bm riding bike asking people for money at 2pm.  Responded back that we would keep an eye out.

2050    Observed car with open rear door on SE 6 Ct near fed.  Contacted builder who was bringing items in and was thankful for the check

2200    Patrols through the area

2330    10-7

Thursday September 27th, 2018

0615: In service - called detail into hudson line. There are no new text messages or emails.

Began out of town checks.

0623: Out of town check added via email.

0730: Out of town checks complete, begin roving patrol.

0745: Monitor one way for violators.

0755: Flagged down by motorist about a homeless B/F “wandering around” in the 600 Blk of SE

6th CT; located and monitored as she left the area.

0900: Roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy corridor.

0930: Flagged down by resident who had numerous questions / concerns

about the upcoming Halloween crowds and the vehicle access due to construction on her street. She was advised that there would be several detail officers working Halloween night and to call the Rio detail line w/ any issues. She would also like extra patrol at the curve to slow down vehicles to avoid a “head on collision”


1015: Out of Service.

1100-    in service, no new messages, called in detail to Carol, starting patrol, noticed a missed call - returned call and it was explained away as a “miss dial”

1300-    patrolling, busy day, completed a mainland loop

1500-    completed loop of Hemingway, LYC and Isles, out of service

Friday, 28 September 2018

0610-    in service, no new messages or missed calls, starting patrol and checks

0752-    received complaint about fishermen on the bridge at Cordova and 9 St, spoke with same, no report

0934-    received a “hang-up” phone call, aggravating probably a telemarketer called back and recording stated “this line is disconnected”

1258-    completed checks and a loop of mainland, Hemingway, LYC and the ……….Isles.

Also, it is HOT out.

1410-    out of service

1600- In service, no new messages, 1 missed call at 1538 hours - called number back no answer and unable to leave message due to full mailbox. Called detail in to Carol. Began patrol of the mainland area.

1700 - Began patrol of the Isles. Observed firsherman Park his vehicle in the middle of the roadway on the SE 10th street bridge and advised him to move. He complied and left the area, stated he was just looking for bait. Continued patrol of the Isles and LYC.

1815 - Observed older couple in red truck driving through the neighborhood and they appeared to be lost. I Made contact with the subjects and they advised they were looking for address. I drove them to the location and they were very appreciative.

1830 - Began patrol of mainland again.

1930 - Checked parks and the Landings.

2000 - Out of service.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

0500-    in service, no new messages, called in detail, starting patrol

0536-    My first lost Uber driver, direction given - day saved!

0900-    completed checks on mainland

1100- completed all checks, sitting on 10 St rerouting cruise line passengers

1300-    completed patrol of Rio Vista and I liked it, out of service

1300-    10-8 called in detail; reviewed previous logs

    Roving patrols

1400    Roving on the isles

1500-    LYC, Hemmingway and park checks

1600    Roving patrols

    Check of BCS

1700    Roving back on the isles

1800    Roving on mainland

1900    10-7

Sunday, 30 September 2018 

1100-    in service, called in detail, 1 messages which I returned the call ref. an alarm last evening patrol responded and found it to be a false alarm, starting patrol and checks

1300-    completed house checks on the mainland and starting checks and patrol on the isles

1440-    completed house checks, LYC and the Hemingway

1500-    out of service

2000- Called in the Hudson line. No messages. Began patrolling the Io corridors.

2021- Received a call advising of 2 large suspicious SUV’s driving towards the dead end of SE 10 st and not returning. I responded, recognized the 2 described SUV’s and contacted the owners. 3 BM were set up on the ledge of the intracoastal, actively fishing. They also did not have fishing licenses. The subjects complied and left the area within minutes.   I attempted to call resident back and thank her for the vigilance but it went straight to VM. NFI.

2100- Continued high visibility.

2200- High visibility patrol in Rio Area. Checked LYC and surrounding area. All clear and All quiet

2300- Continued patrolling the area. All clear

0000- Continued patrolling the corridors. very quiet. Beginning to rain

0100- secured for the night.

Monday, October 1st 2018

0800-    10-8 called in detail

    1 new email requesting a house

    Check added to log

    Began house checks


1045    Observed a scruffy looking white male in the 900 block of NRV. Watched subject for a few minutes as he walked back and forth by the park. I made contact with the male who advised that he was trying to get on the other side of the river. He requested a ride, and I advised that I could direct him. He left the area without incident.

1100    Continued roving on mainland

1200    10-7

1700    10-8, no messages.  Beginning patrols

2025    Responded to dispatched call of 3 car accident at SE 9 Ave/ 12 st.  Nothing was there/wrong address.

2115    Call from resident of BM driving older model white dodge sedan circling the neighborhood for hours.  Last SB on SE 9 Ave. I checked the area, unable to locate.

2215    10-7

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

0600- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0630- Patrol of the business district along South Federal Highway, no unusual activity to report.

0700- School bus stop patrol.

0800- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0840- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0910- Remained visible Rio mainland and parks, many residents out enjoying the day.

0930- Final rounds.

1815: In service, detail called into Hudson line. Eight missed phone calls - seven out of the eight

were inoperable / telemarketers. The only valid number was a resident that was

requesting an officer move a delivered package. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol.

1945: Non-stop roving patrol of mainland, isles, LYC, parks, and Fed Hwy

corridor with cruise and alley lights on.

2030: Continued patrol in the light rain.

2100: Fisherman on 10th ST sent packing.

2115: Out of service.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

0700- 10-8, I left a message with carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0730- Patrol of the business district along South Federal Highway. No unusual activity to report.

0800- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0840- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0910- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks. Many residence out enjoying a slight temp. decrease.

0930- Remained visible mainland, patrol of the 11ct alley. All quiet

1000- 10-7

Thursday October 4th, 2018

0600: In service. Detail called into Hudson line and reviewed activity log. There is only one

missed call from 2311 hours - no new text messages or emails. Began out of town checks

- low tire pressure warning light on.

0700: Package moved to rear.

0730: Out of town checks complete. Have to return to station to change out flattening tire

0830: Returned missed phone call from 2311 yesterday. Resident advised her car alarm went    

off and after checking surveillance cameras, nothing was seen. Thought the alarm \

activation was very weird but, vehicle was not burglarized / vandalized.

0845: Light rain moving in. Monitoring one way.

0930: Finished roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC, and Fed Hwy corridor.


1105-    in service, called in detail to Carol, reviewed log and messages, added 1 check

1300-    patrolling mainland and isles

1505-    out of service, very quiet day

Friday, 5 October 2018

0610-    in service, called in detail to Carol, reviewed log and messages, 1 missed call from yesterday afternoon so I will wait until normal daytime hours to return call, starting patrol

0805-    made contact with a fisherman who had parked his van in the driveway. I asked him to move his van from the property and park elsewhere. He was very upset and made it known he does not respect or trust the police. He ultimately moved his van and then decided to leave. He did apologize before leaving.

An informational report was written due to Smith scraping a large landscaping rock with his van. He did not want a report nor did he care for the case number.   

1019-    another call from the healthcare enrollment center (954-519-3470) they call constantly.

I also attempted call back for a missed call yesterday at 4:40 pm I got an answering machine with a full mailbox.

1243-    another scam call this time we have a credit card in default, blocked number after calling them back to let them know it's a business number, SHE HUNG UP ON ME!

1256-    completed checks and patrol of mainland, Isles, Hemingway and LYC, starting another loop

1410-    out of service, have a great day all

1600 - In service, called detail in and called back a missed call number. She informed me around 1440 hours an older white male subject came to her residence located soliciting meat. Mandy told him she wasn’t interested and he’s not supposed to be soliciting in this neighborhood. She said the man became upset at her comment and left the area. The subject is described as a W/M, 5’08”, mid to late 50’s, chunky build, gray hair, blue eyes, blue jeans and peach polo shirt. He was driving an older model white pick up truck with a white bed cover; unknown make or model of truck. I began checking the area for the vehicle, no other calls were reported. Patrolled the Isles.

1700 - Began patrol of the mainland and checked the parks.

1800 - Checked LYC and the Landings. Patrolled the Isles again.

1900 - Out of service.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

0445-    in service, no new messages, called in detail, starting patrol

0930-    completed a round of the Hemingway, LYC, Isles and bridges. I spoke with all the fishermen out this morning with no issues. Starting rounds of the mainland

1115-    completed checks and a round of the mainland, it rained a bit but all-in-all it is a beautiful day

1200-    drove around, quiet day

1225-    observed a black escalade with security on the side, I attempted to find him but he left the area with most haste. There was no business markings just Security

1245-    out of service

2200    10-8 Called in detail

    Checked phone

    Roving patrol

2239-    Audible alarm - made phone contact with resident from HOA master list while I waited on a patrol back up. She advised everything was ok and stated that she could step outside. She was able to cancel the alarm. Patrol backup requested.

1108    Call from Lauderdale Yacht club advising a boat had drifted onto their rear dock area.

    Keys out of ignition, cover on motor, appears boat had gotten loose. LYC secured board and given case number. Registration number not visible in the dark. Marine unit and Coast guard to be notified.

    Roving patrol

1201    Roving on SE 7th st and - permit verified

1218    Fisherman on the SE 10th st isle:

   - They were instructed to clean up their items upon completion

0100    Rovng patrol on mainland

0200    10-8

city non emergency num


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