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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday March 11 2018

2000 - In service. Called in detail, responded to email and added vacation check. Checked all messages. Message regarding suspicious males walking west on 900 blk of 9 ave at around 330 PM today was handled by patrol.

Vacation checks

Proactive roving patrol with cruise lights activated.

2200 - 10-7

Monday, March 12 2018

0800    10-8 Called in detail

    Reviewed log

    Began vacation checks

    While checking vacation home, I observed a hairline crack about 2 ft long on the rear sliding glass door. I checked all doors and could see inside that there was no entry made.

    I phoned the resident and he advised he was able of the crack.

    All remaining house checks completed.

1000    Roving patrol

    Park checks, LYC, Hemmingway all checked

1100    Drove each Isle and all mainland streets.

1645    Delivered signs to 2 new members.  

1915    Backed up patrol unit at 12/Miami out with suspicious male.  All ok.

1930    Flagged down by resident who stated another tenant may be up to suspicious activity.  Leaves for short periods all night in Silver older model dodge pickup. Advised we would keep a look out.

1940    Call of suspicious black male in the area of SE 8 St/9 Ave.  Observed subject walking down sidewalk. No criminal activity observed.  Advised reportee of same.

2130    Checked Hemmingway and Yacht Club

2315    10-7

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

0530- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0600- Patrol of business district along South Federal Highway. No unusual activity to report.

0630- Patrol of the 11ct Alley.

0700- School bus stop patrol.

0730- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0800- Responded to an alarm. All secure, malfunction.

0830- Patrol of isles, bridges, LYC. and Hemingway.

0900- Remained visible mainland and parks, a lot of residents out and about enjoying the weather.

0930- Final rounds.

1730: 10-8, detail called into Hudson line. There are no new emails, phone calls, or texts. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol.

1730-2100: High visiblity patrol of mainland, isles, LYC, parks with cruise and alley lights on. All quiet.

2115: 10-7

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

0600-  10-8, I left a message for Carol. There are no new voicemails,texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0630- Patrol of Rio mainland and construction sites for homeless activity.

0700- Return to station for fuel.

0745- Patrol of isles,bridges, and LYC..

0820- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0900- Patrol of parks and Bethany.

0930- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

1600    10-8, one text about bible people going door to door at 10am.  

1620    Passed out stickers to several kids

1700    Responded to call of disturbance on a bus at 7st/9ave.  Broward county school bus driver arguing with kids over order of the stops.  Transported juvenile to his proper stop.

1820    Call from resident regarding an opossum hanging out under their car.  I advised that Animal Control most likely would not respond, but provided them with the number.

2000    Checked Yacht Club

2140    Traffic stop for one way violation.  Body snatchers; warning given.

2300    10-7

Thursday March 15th, 2018

0930: 10-8, detail called into Carol. One missed phone call and email. Resident advised she dialed number accidentally (was looking to call dentist) and added an out of town check. Reviewed activity log and began out of town checks.

1030: Checks complete, began roving patrol. Seems like the cooler weather is keeping people in-doors.

1100: Friendly resident flagged me down to advise he was very appreciative of the PD patrols on his street (SE 8th ST aisle)

1230: Phone call advising W/M walking large, unleashed pitbull in alleway just south of 11th CT. Made contact with elderly subject and advised him to keep the dog leashed w/o incident.

1330: Finished patrol of mainland, LYC, aisles, and Fed Hwy corridor. 10-7

1600 - In Service. I called in the detail and gave Carol my hours. A few missed calls - I called back with no answer. One insurance person called back. I advised them to put us on the DNC list. Roving patrol.

1630 - Spoke with concerned resident about street parking - she is having a party Saturday and wanted advice. She also complained about “kids” driving golf carts too quickly. I advised her we will absolutely address those concerns as we become aware of them.

1700 - Met little William on SE 8th Street and gave him a sticker and a police car light show.

1900 - Roving Patrols continue… met with licensed fishermen who agreed to be tidy.

2000 - ended shift early for SVU call out

Friday, 16 March 2018

0835-    in service, called detail in, no new emails, messages or texts, starting patrol and checks

1030-    completed loop of mainland, starting LYC and Isles.

1135- out of service

1600-  In service,  I called the detail into Carol.  No new text or voice messages. I reviewed the activity log.

1630-    Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1700-    Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1720-    Vacation check.  Residence was secure.

1735-  I received a call on the Rio phone regarding a suspicious W/M wearing athletic clothing with #84 on the back.  Resident saw him walking around in the neighborhood and was concerned because she never seen him before..  I made contact with the subject at SE 5 CT & N. Rio. The subject was only exercising and did not appear to be doing anything illegal.  I kept an eye on him until he left the neighborhood. I called back and I advised her of the outcome.

1800-    Patrolled the business along S. Federal Hwy.

1830-  Final patrol of the isles and mainland.

1900-    10-7

2100-    In service.  I reviewed the recent logs and checked for any new messages or voicemails.  Neighborhood all quiet. I also made contact with staff at BCS who was checking the property and advised it was all clear.

2215-    Check of surface streets and LYC all clear.  While checking the isles, I made contact with FWC, who advised that he had checked out with a group of fishermen on SE 10th St.  He confirmed that they had all appropriate licenses. I made contact with the group of 4-5, and reminded them to not leave any trash behind and to make sure they were legally parked.  The group was very polite and understood.

2315-    Continued checks of neighbor hood and isles, as well as LYC.  All clear.

2340-    Patrol received a call for a suspicious vehicle from an anonymous reportee on the 1100 block of SE 11th st.  Caller advised of an older model Toyota, tag of CNHE31, that passed the area a few times. The area was circulated, however the vehicle was not located.  It should be noted that there have been multiple Uber drivers observed throughout the night.

0000-    Continued high visibility patrols all clear.

0100-    Very little vehicular traffic and no pedestrian traffic.  High visibility patrols all clear.

0200-    Refuel of vehicle, 14 gallons, car wash (The leaves on Ponce were starting to clog the ac intake)

0230-    Continued patrols of neighborhood and isles

0300-    Neighborhood all clear of any vehicle or pedestrian traffic.  Continued extra patrols of SE 10th St isle, with no one out.

0400- Out of service

Saturday, 17 March 2018

0710- in service, called in detail, no new emails, messages or texts.

0930- completed patrol of mainland

1110- out of service

1330    10-8 Called in detail

    Returned 2 calls

Second call from resident advising of 20 year old W/M kids about 3 to 4 mercedes souped up cars drag racing about 1130am. Please keep an eye out

Added a house check from the emails

1400    Roving patrols

1500    Park checks, LYC, Isles

    one house check completed

1600    Roving

    BCS, and mainland

1730    10-7

Sunday, 18 March 2018 

0805-    in service, called in detail, no new emails, messages or texts. Starting patrol of mainland,

1205-    completed checks, out of service

2100- In Service. Called into the Hudson line. No new messages. Began patrol of corridors

2200- continued patrolling the Rio neighborhood and its surrounding roads. Checked LYC. All Very quiet.  

2300- patrolled the S. Fed corridors and Rio interior roads. Quiet as Can be.

0000- Neighborhood road check’s all Secured

0100- -Continued high visibility patrol

0200- end of shift.

Monday, March 19th 2018

0800    10-8 Called in detail; checked emails, text messages;

    Began vacation checks

    All checks completed

0900    Roving patrol   

    LYC, Hemminway and park checks

1000    10-19 for equipment

    Roving patrol

1200    10-7

2030- In Service. Began patrol. Quiet eve.

2130- Stopped by FLPD and pick up suburban.

2200- Picked up Rik bike from Mr. Weber.

2230- Responded for a noise complaint. Spring breakers subleased unit to party for the week. They lowered the music and their voices.

2300- Continued patrol in the corridors. All clear

0000- continued patrol. A fed appeared all clear.

0030- dropped off bike at station.

0100- out of service.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

0600- 10-8, I left a message with carol. There was on new voicemail that has been added to the out of town list. No new texts. I reviewed the activity log.

0630- Began morning patro of the business district along South Federal Highway, no unusual activity to report.

0700- School bus stop, and Bethany patrol.

0800- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0840- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC.

0915- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0940- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

1715: In service. Two missed phone calls. (1) - 1600 block of SE 7th St, suspicious pick-up truck with two males sleeping inside, Maryland tag - callers husband chased away. (2) - Concerned citizen stating that the city trash trucks are speeding through the neighborhood, running stop signs. Advised will keep an eye out and to attempt to get truck # for follow-up. No new text messages or emails. Began to do out of town check / roving patrol.

2000: Telemarketer call for airline tickets - sounded like a great deal but, had them remove the Rio number nonetheless.

2100: Continued roving patrol with alley/cruise lights on of aisles, mainland, LYC, Fed Hwy, and alleyway, beautiful weather.

2115: Out of service.   

Wednesday, March 21,2018

0600-  10-8, I left a message with Carol. There was one new email that has been added to log. No new texts, One voicemail as stated above, will look for trucks. A review of the activity log.

0630- Patrol of isles.

0715-Return to station for fuel for fuel and wash.

0740- Return to Rio, Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0810- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.  

0850- Patrol of LYC and bridges.

0920- Patrol of 11Ct alley.

0940- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

1915: In service. Called into hudson line, reviewed activity log, and there are no new phone calls, texts, or emails. Began roving patrol.

2000: Continued roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, LYC w/ cruise & alley lights on.

2115: Out of service.

Thursday March 22nd, 2018  

0730: In service. No new phone calls, texts, or emails. Began out of town checks.

0845: Checks complete, roving patrol.

Friday, March 23, 2018

0700-    In service, no new messages, added 1 new vacation check, starting patrol and checks

0850-    completed the mainland loop

1211-     completed all vacations checks but 1, enjoy

1300-    out of service

1600- In service, I called the detail into Carol.  No new text or phone messages. I reviewed the activity log.

1630-    Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1700-  Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1730-  Because Mr.  Huizenga passed away today, I provided extra security/visibility in front of Mr. Huizenga’s home.  There was a lot more vehicular and pedestrian traffic in front of his home today.

1800- A 911 hang up call came in.  I responded to the call. I met with everyone who was home.  They were all 10-4. When I had the homeowner check her phone line we found the phone line was having static issues.  I bravod out the call and advised dispatch. 34-1803-046464.

1830-    Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1900-    10-7

1900 - In Service, Called in detail. No new messages. Completed last vacation check. There is more traffic by the Huizenga home due to the circumstances. Reviewed log.

Roving patrol of the isles and mainland.

Presence at Huizenga house.

2200 - Out of Service

Saturday, March 24, 2018 

0300-    in service, covering part of Officer Muccino’s shift, 1 new vacation check, no new messages or texts, starting patrol and checks

0545-    checked Hemingway, all appeared in order

0700-    out of service

0700-    in service, no new emails, messages or texts, starting patrol and checks

0744-     Traffic stop on Thorobred garbage truck for wrong way on one way 1100 Block 9 Ave explained issue. Driver stated he understood,

1300-    out of service

Saturday, March 24th 2018

1800- 10-8 called in detail; no new messages, emails or text.

    Completed one out of town check

1900- Hemmingway, LYC and BCS

    Roving patrols on mainland

2000    Roving

2200    10-7

city non emergency num


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