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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

0630 - 10-8, reviewed logs, began patrol

Vacation checks

Checked isles for unlicensed fishermen

1030 - 10-7

Sunday, February 25th 2018 

1230    10-8 Called in detail; reviewed previous log, checked phone for voice mails, text             messages and emails. Updated logs

    Began roving patrol

    Checked Hemmingway, LYC and all Isles

    Check of parks

    All mainland checked

    Roving patrol

1430-    10-7

2100- In Service. Called into Hudson line. No new message. Began patrolling very quiet nite

2200- Continued patrolling. All quiet

2300- Checked LYC. ALL QUIET.

0000- Patrolled the Rio corridors. All quiet

0100- high visibility patrol along Fed highway traffic is normal.

0200- out of service

Monday, February 26th 2018

0800-   10-8 called in detail. Checked phone for messages and emails

  Began residential checks

0937 stopped by the tunnel by a resident concerned about people speeding through the tunnel all day and night. Will pass on to D3

Continued house checks

  1. 1000.  Checking the isles. Lots of contractors out and about. Reminded them about not blocking roadway
  1. 11000.  Roving patrol
  1. 1200. Out of service

1920    Responded to 14 and Cordova for fentylnl OD.  First on scene. 24yo female lying on sidewalk unresponsive.  Helped administer first aid until FLFD arrived.

2100    Checked Yacht Club

2240    Patrolled isles.

2315    10-7

Tuesday February 27th, 2018

1715: 10-8, detail called in to Hudson line, reviewed activity log. No new phone calls, emails, or texts. Began out of town checks. Began roving patrol / house checks. Heavy construction by city crews at SE 9th / Cordova - sewer/water break?

1734: Dispatched to Info call about possible package theft. After extensive investigation, it was learned the package was indeed stolen from a different. Report taken, 18-031781.

1830: Roving patrol w/ cruise & alley lights. LYC, isles, mainland, all clear.

1930: Continued patrol, heavy rain. Quiet.

2115: Out of service.

Wednesday February 28th, 2018

0545: 10-8, detail called in to Hudson line, reviewed activity log. No new phone calls, emails, or texts; Began roving patrol.

0700: Continued roving patrol of LYC, isles, mainland; all clear.

0800: 10-7

2330- In Service check all mediums. No new messages began patrol. Checked LYC and all appeared normal and quiet

0030- High visibility patrol all clear

0130- continued patrol in the Fed Highway corridor

0230- Checksd the Rio Vista corridor. All secured

0300- 10-7

Thursday March 1st, 2018

0815: Late start due to late arrest on alpha shift. 10-8, detail called in to Hudson line, reviewed activity log. No new phone calls, emails, or texts; Began roving patrol.

0930: Received text complaining of a vehicle parking on the sidewalk, even though the vehicle has plenty of room to park in the driveway. After not being able to make contact with vehicle owner, the vehicle was cited w/o incident.

1030: Continued patrol of mainland, isles, LYC, Fed corridor. All secure.

1130: Out of service.

1600 - In Service. I called Carol and gave her my hours. I checked the messages and added the following to the log:

Vacation checks.

Stopped with resident about lost dog.

Lots of rounds with cruise lights.

2100 - Out of Service.

Friday, March 2nd, 2018 

0730-    beginning detail, called in to Carol, no new messages, email or texts, starting patrol of mainland

0910-    Completed a check of the mainland, starting checks on the Isles.

0925-    Completed vacation checks, still on patrol

1050-    received a call for heavy set white male vagrant panhandling at Federal and 7 street. There was no one there when I arrived. I gave the description to a patrol unit.

1130-    out of service

1600-  In service, I left a message with Carol.  There were no new voice messages or emails.  I reviewed the activity log.

1630-    Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1645- SW 9th Ave between Ponce and Cordova was blocked off while a city of Fort Lauderdale Emergency Response Public Works crew made repairs to the roadway.  

1700-  Patrolled the isles, yacht club and bridges.

1730-    Traffic stop 800 block of SE 8th Street.  A Dodge Van was stopped for an expired tag.  The vehicle was a company vehicle. I advised him to notify his company about the expired tag.  The driver had a valid license and no warrants. He was let go with a warning.

1800-    Patrolled the businesses along Federal Hwy.

1830-    Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1900-    Out of service.

2100-    In service, detail called in.  Reviewed logs, and no new texts or voicemails.  There was an email, which referenced an unknown female banging on her door last night at 2145 hours.  

2200-    High visibility patrols of mainland and isles all clear

2230-    Contact made with fishermen on the 9th St bridge.  Proper licensing was maintained, however they were reminded not to block the lanes of traffic on the bridge and to park on a swale.

2330-    Continued high visibility patrols of mainland and isles all clear.  LYC checks all clear

0030-    Patrols all clear

0045-    Contact made with a few neighborhood residents at the end of SE 10th St isle.  They were reminded that they could not park along the fence and that if they wished to remain, they would need to legally park.  All were very polite and moved their vehicles immediately. No violations were observed.

0200-    During patrols, a vehicle was observed with it’s lights on in the streetside driveway.  It was determined that the vehicle was unlocked and its keys were still possibly inside. Contact was made with resident who was very appreciative of the notification.

0300-    Patrols all clear

0400-  Out of service.

Saturday, 3 March, 2018 

0730-    Started working, called in detail, no new messages, text or emails

0945-    Completed vacation checks and a patrol of the mainland

1003-    completed check of LYC

1130-    completed patrol of the isles, out of service

Sunday, March 4, 2018 

1300-    in service, called in detail, no new messages, email or text, starting patrol and checks

1500-    Complete vacation checks and a patrol of the mainland

1700-    out of service

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

0545- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0620- Began early morning patrol of the business district along S.Fed and the 11Ct alley way. No unusual activity to report.

0640- Dispatched to a call of a suspicious person in the area of 9Ave/11St.  The unknown white male was GOA, continued to circulate.

0700- School bus stop patrol.

0745- Patol of Rio mainland and parks, all quiet.

0810- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0850- Patrol of isles, bridges, and :LYC.

0915- Final rounds.

0945- 10-7

1715: 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log. Began roving patrol.

2015: Continued neighborhood, aisles, LYC, fed hwy patrol.

2115: 10-7

Wednesday, March 07,2018

0600-  10-8, i left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. A quick review of the activity log, then off to property check of S Federal Highway business district.

0645- Patrol of 11Ct alley way. All quiet.

0720- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0800-  Yesterday as I was leaving I received a call from the resident in reference to her parking ticket. In an effort to resolve the issue I advised her that I will stop by her residence 3/7 to address the issue.

0900- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

0930- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0945- Final rounds.

1720    Patrolled area of the church due to threats made to staff member

1900    Checked Yacht club

2125    Call from resident who advised that earlier today at 5pm, he saw a thin bm in his 30s with dreads and a grey hoodie looking over his neighbor's fence.  He may have been in a gold honda accord with temp tag. Circulated the area, goa.

2240    Spoke with resident regarding treatment issue for teenager

2315    10-7

Thursday March 8th, 2018

0730: Pulling into the neighborhood from shift, received a residential alarm After canvassing the area, the location was found to be invalid.

0745: Detail called in. Missed call from 0220 hrs. Called back reportee who advised of several subjects causing a disturbance near. Patrol units responded but, subjects were GOA via uber’s. Possibly an Air BnB. Reviewed the activity log.

0800: Began vacation checks.

0845: Vacation checks complete, began roving patrol.

1000: Continued roving patrol through aisles, mainland, LYC, Fed Hwy.

1630 - Delivered sign met with homeowner and introduced myself.

1700 - Roving patrol of the neighborhood.

1800 - Still Roving…

2040 - Flagged down reference suspicious truck with flashers on near 11th Ct. An older couple was broken down. I helped them learn where they were and spoke with their family on the phone to direct them. All is well.   

2100 - Out of Service

Friday, 9 March 2018

0720-    in service, no new emails, messages or texts, starting patrol

0810-    advised by passerby of a homeless white male sleeping in Virginia Young Park. I made contact and he moved on with a warning.

0910-    completed checks and patrol loop of mainland, heading to the isles

1120-    all checks complete, completed patrol of LYC and isles, out of service

1600-  In service, I called the detail into Carol.  No new text or voice messages. I reviewed the activity log.

1630-  Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.  On two occasions, I was flagged down by a citizen in reference to directions to the port.  Apparently, both their GPS’s were given them directions to cut through Rio Vista.

1700-    Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1730-  Patrolled the businesses along S. Federal Hwy.

1800-  Patrolled the isles and yacht club

1830-  Patrolled the mainland.  

1900-  Out of service.  

Saturday, March 10, 2018

0000-    In service, detail called in.  Review of phone showed no new messages or calls, and no new emails.  High visibility patrols of the neighborhood were all clear.

0100-    Continued high visibility patrols, no activity observed.  Little to no vehicular traffic and no pedestrian traffic observed.

0200-    Patrolled neighborhood.  Contact made with employee who was checking BCS property and he advised all was clear.

0330-    Out of service

0715-    in service, called detail into Carol, no new emails, messages or texts, starting patrol and checks of the mainland.

1050-    completed checks, getting gas

1110-    change of plans, I found a child crying out side her home because she set off the alarm while mom was walking the dog. Comfort given, waited for mom and alln ends well.

1120-    out of service

1500-    10-8 Called in detail, checked texts, voicemails and emails   

    Updated the out of town log

Received a call from the resident in the 600 block of SE 7th street. Advised he saw to males having trouble parking behind the liquor store and they appeared wasted


    Returned back to the area and unable to locate. Parked in the parking lot to observe those coming in and out of the grocery store.

1630    Roving patrol

    BCS checks

1730  Roving

    All Isles checked, LYC and Hemming way

1900    10-7

city non emergency num


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