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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, November 5th 2017.  

0600 - 10-8, noted two messages and a Next Door email- I handled that Garmin GPS vessel burglary the other day- will ask Capt Scelfo to share the pics they posted of the culprits.

0700 - checked residence per owner request (left VM ON SAT) and all was secure. Added to log.

Spoke with multiple fishermen about permits and parking issues.

Completed vacation checks and made log up to date.

Pumpkin patch parking is full. Parked Rio car as close as possible. Next up: please return to pumpkin patch.

1000 - 10-7

Monday November 6, 2017,

1000 - 10-8 called in

1005-1025 - Suspicious vehicle in front of  SE 5th Ct.   White GMC National Rental Car parked for 3 days.  Call placed to National.  Turned out to be a guest of a neighbor

1040-1055 - LYC

1055 - 1155 Vacation Checks

1200 - Finish vacation checks

1225-1245 Crime prevention patrol north

1250-1315 Crime prevention patrol south

1320-1350 Crime prevention patrol

1745 traffic stop for non-resident speeding and Southeast 8th Street. Warning given

1810 visited resident reference speeding complaints on next door her mother was pleased that I spoke to the teen who promised to slow down

1830 attended Rio Vista board meeting and general HOA meeting

2100 removed vagrant from the old New River Pizza building who had set up camp on the sidewalk area on Federal

2200 10-7

Nov 07, 2017,

0445-  10-8,  I left a message with Carol. I reviewed the activity log. There are no new texts or emails.

0510-  Began early morning patrol of the business district along S Fed to include New River Pizza. There is no unusual activity to report.

0540-  Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0610-  Patrol of bridges. Contact was made with 2 individuals who were advised to clean up once they are done.

0650-  School bus stop patrol.

0715-  As I drove past residence she waived me down. We discussed some recent concerns of vehicle burglaries that her new neighbor had become a victim of. we made arrangements to meet at 0800

0740-  Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0800-  I made contact with resident who advised me that her BMW has been rummaged through 2X in the last week with the last incident being Sunday overnight, advised me that the garage door opener was stolen allowing easier access to the residence. She is having that reprogrammed today. She did clearly state that she knows better and that both times the vehicle was unlocked. She does not want to create a report but wanted to bring it to our attention, she is a new member and has been provided with 2 new signs being she lives on the corner.

0830-  Due to recent incidents 9520 was repositioned to SE 12way.

0830- Received call and added out of town check.

0845- 10-7

1600 10-8, missed call from Resident from 4 a.m. He advised of a suspicious cream-colored full-size van with two Hispanic males that we're going through his neighbor's trash can at the curb. Advised we should keep a lookout. Second call reference of vacation check added to log

  1. Removed vagrant from front of old New River Pizza building again

1900 Patrols, checked Yacht Club

  1. Moved same vagrant

2100 10-7

2300- Called in the Hudson line. No new messages. Began patrol

0000- Continued Patrol throughout the corridor. All quiet.

0100- Checked LYC all clear and quiet.

0200- Patrolled the S. Fed area. Pretty quiet.

0300- Continued high visibility patrol. All quiet

0400- more high visibility patrol

0500- Out of Service

Wednesday Nov 08, 2017.

0530-  10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0600-  Morning patrol of business district along S Fed. There is no unusual activity to report.

0630-  19 for fuel and wash.

0700-  Return to Rio.

0715-  Began and completed the out of town checks. All appear to be secure.

0800-  Patrol of bridges, isles, and LYC.

0830-  Patrol of Rio mainland, parks, and the 11Ct alley, all clear.

0900-  Continued patrol mainland

0930-  10-7.

1445- In service. Called in to Carol. No new text or email. There was a vm from 1000 hrs des describing 3 men going “door to door” at 9 st and Rio vista. However, unable to follow up due to time delay.

1500- Commenced Patrol. Area business with construction construction contractors. Responded to station for short relief.

1530- Patrol Rio corridors and LYC. All clear.

1600- Checked S. Fed corridors. Busy with rush hour traffic.

1700- Continued high visibility patrol

1800- continued patrolling the Rio corridors. All busy with runners and residents

1945- Secured for the eve.  


Thursday November 9th, 2017

0730 - Called in detail to Hudson line. No new calls / emails / texts. Began out of town checks.

0800 - Completed burglary vehicle report @  SE 5th CT - Case # 17-175546

0830 - Completed another burglary vehicle report @  SE 8th ST - Case # 17-175569 -  Both 21’s =  

          T/D overnight, unlocked vehicles.

0930 - Got charged at by two yellow Labrador’s while conducting out of town check

0930-1130 - Neighborhood, LYC, Fed Hwy patrol. 10-7

1545- Called in to Carol. No vm, text or new email.

1550-Began patrol. Busy with workers and residents.

1600- Checked LYC. Very busy.

1620- Received a call from stating his contractor parked his work van in front of home. When contractor returned, he noticed some of his very expensive tools were stolen from his van.  Contractor was already gone.

1720- Patrolled the Rio corridors and southern pints. Nothing to report

1820- Continued high visibility patrol.

1945- out of service

Friday, November 10th 2017

0600-  10-8 called in detail; 2 missed calls that will be returned at 8am. Checked emails and text messages

           Began roving patrol

          High visibility at BCS

  1.    Began vacation checks
  2.     observed a trunk open with equipment in the driveway. Made contact with homeowner who knew it was open, told her to be mindful as I say for 5 minutes before making contact

    Roving patrol

  1. Call from homeowner at  Cordova rd- burglary auto- possibly just loose change missing. 4 subjects on camera. Waiting to receive camera footage

0854 call from resident of someone constantly dumping dog poop in her garbage bin

0940 10-19 to turn in submission prints

Resident called regarding a suspicious white Saturn parked in front.  The vehicle was GOA upon the start of my shift.

  1. message  regarding a construction worker fishing at SE 7 & Cordova.  She also advised there is a grey pickup truck that has been left by her house for a few days.  The fisherman was GOA.  The only grey pickup truck that was in front of that address was registered to location.  I attempted to call the reportee, but she text me that she was busy at the moment.

1700- Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1750-  I received a return phone call regarding the pick up truck.  I advised her it was her neighbor’s truck.  

1830-  Final patrol of isles and mainland.

2200- patrols. Continued rain, streets mostly clear of traffic.

2130 - LYC all clear

2345- contact made with a white male wandering the 10th Street Isle with no shirt. Appeared heavily intoxicated and was trying to find his rental home. Contact was finally made with renters and the male was returned.

0030- patrols all clear.

Saturday, November 11th 2017.


0800-  attempted to call in detail; Hudson line not working

         Began roving patrol

        All vacation checks completed

        More roving patrols

       Checked all Isles, LYC, Hemingway, and parks

        More roving patrol

1200-    Received email and text to live Rio car across the street

        Continued roving

 1600-  107

Sunday, November 12, 2017

0730- 10-8.  Called in detail.  No new calls, texts, or emails.

0745- Made contact with subject,  at SE 9th Street and Cordova who was fishing.  He was unable to provide a current fishing license.  He was asked to leave and left without incident.  

0800-    Started vacation checks.

0825-    Completed vacation checks.  Everything 10-4

1030-    Continued roving patrol of neighborhood and parks.  Everything 10-4.

1130-    10-7.

2100- Began patrolling he corridors with overheads on. Particularly the Fed highway area. Very quiet.

2100- Continued high visibility patrol to prevent more burglaries.

2200- Patrolled the west end of Rio. Very quiet

2300- Continued patrolling. Nothing to report

Monday November 13, 2017,

1000 - 10-8 called in

1005-1025 - Crime prevention patrol. South end

1040-1125 - Vacation checks

1125 - 1155 Crime prevention patrol.

1205-1245 Crime prevention patrol VSY park

1250-1315 Crime prevention patrol south

1320-1350 Crime prevention patrol

1400 - 10-7

1615 call from Resident for vacation check added to log

1800 patrols

2000 check Yacht Club slight drizzle quiet out

2130 checked Federal Highway area

  1. 10-7

Tuesday November 14 2017

0530-  10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0600-  Began patrol of business district along S Fed. No unusual activity to report, no S-86 located.

0700-  19 for fuel and wash.

0720-  Return to Rio, began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0800-  Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC. Fairly quiet.

0830-  Patrol of Rio mainland, parks, and 11Ct alley.

0850-  Updated sign

0910-  Observed an open front door. Upon checking I was greeted by a large dog. As I closed door I went around back and made contact with homeowner who stated she failed to secure and it must have swung open. The member was very thankful for the stop.

0930-  10-7

1900 10-8 to messages. First from Resident who wanted to discuss Halloween with me. I called her and discuss the issues. Second message was from Resident wishing to complain about workers parking on Ponce de Leon and blocking the turnaround near 13 Terrace. Please check this particularly in the afternoons and ensure they do not block the center of the roadway were cars turn in

  1. Patrols quiet

2130 10-7

Wednesday November 15, 2017

0540-  10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails, texts, or emails. I reviewed the activity log.

0610-  Early morning sweep of business district. No unusual activity to report/ no S-86 located

0645-  Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0715-  Patrol of bridges, isles, and LYC.

0800-  Parked by 1300 block of Ponce to address any parking issues. So far no workers. Will continue to monitor.

0840-  Made contact with a construction worker who I advised  not to block the roadway and to advise arriving workers. Failure to not abide will result in citations.

0900- Final rounds, quiet day due to rain.

0900-  Responded to alarm, accidental by worker

0920-  10-7

  1.  10-8. Detail called in to Carole. No phone or text messages. Two emails, one for a new RVSP sign to be delivered. The second for an out of town check. I added it to the log. Reviewed the log and began patrol.
  1.  Call into detail phone about a suspicious W/m walking north on  NRV. Contact made with a homeless male, new in town from Cicero, Illinois. He is unfamiliar with the area. I offered and he accepted a courtesy ride to 7 st and Federal.
  1.  King tides breached the Cordova

Thursday, November 16, 2017

0915    10-8 Called in detail.  One missed call.  Returned call and spoke with resident who advised this morning around 0500 she saw an unknown black male with no shirt on walk across Ponce twice.  Monica advised the male looked suspicious but had no further 14.

0930    Started vacation checks.

1000    Completed vacation checks.

1045    Continued roving patrol.  Raining...Everything quiet and 10-4.

  1.  Call in to detail phone regarding an out of town check. I added to the log.
  1.  Corridors, parks, LYC, Hemingway and neighborhood secure. No parking issue on Ponce. 10-7.

Friday, November 17 2017

0600-   Called in detail: checked messages

           Updated the log

  1.    Beach house checks at sun up

           Check BCS for school at take in

  1.    Roving patrols

            Received a call who wanted to let us know that her vehicle was broken into overnight. She didn't want to make a report being that nothing significant was taken

        Roving patrols

1000- 10-7


1600- 10-8, I called the detail into Carole.  I reviewed the activity log.  No new messages on the  phone.  

1630-    I received a text message regarding a disturbance at 7 St & Federal Hwy.  I made contact with two subjects reference a domestic dispute.  

1730-  I patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club.

1800-  Patrolled the mainland, parks and Federal Hwy.

1830-    Final patrol of mainland and isles

2200- continued patrols of mainland and isles all clear

2300 check of LYC

2310- spoke with resident who was concerned about a white Mercedes, driving erratically through the neighborhood, the its occupants sere looking around the Vehicle with flashlights.  Vehicle was located and after some surveillance contact was made with the young drivers who were guests at a residence there. They denied driving the vehicle in such a manner, but none the less were instructed that the streets of Rio were not a racetrack. They were very polite and receptive and apologized.

2345- checks of target areas all clear

0030- continued patrols, all clear

0130- patrols of target area, no foot traffic

0300- checks of cordova and surrounding area, no traffic

0330- final checks, assisted ROC with surveillance of male walking along fed. Negative results.

0400- 10-7

Saturday, November 18, 2017   

0415    10-8, no messages, email or text, called in detail

0815    10-7

  1.   Called in detail, received one text message ref an out of town house check.

           Two additional out of town checks received via  email.

1330      Began out of town checks

While patrolling on N.Rio by the condos observed a white male with a backpack walk to a red BMW and reach in the back seat grab a wad of cash. He then went to the driver side and entered a tan Honda. Made contact with individual who advised it was his other vehicle. He was able to produce a set of keys and popped the locks for me. He thanked me for at least checking out the situation.

  1.  Roving patrols
  2.   Checking Hemingway, LYC and all parks  

1545    Roving patrols

           Checked emails one last time

  1.    10-7

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