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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, April 09, 2017              

0745 – 10-8,. There was a new text message for an out of town check and I added it to the log. I also moved several past checks away from the current checks log. After reviewing the activity log I noticed that the  motorcyclist is still speeding at night. I will spend time in that area today, but the best chance to catch him is at night.

0800 – Roving patrols.

1000 – Vacation checks are completed, everything appears to be secure. I placed a few flyers in mail boxes and news papers in back yards to keep the appearance that the home was not vacant.

1030 – Continued presence in the 700 block/N Rio Vista area.

1100 – Business and park checks. Final rounds.

1120 – I received phone call about the speeder/motorcyclist. I was already in the area and observed him riding his motorcycle at the proper speed. He followed all the laws and did not run the stop sign.

1145- 10-7

Monday, April 10, 2017              

0745 – 10-8, No new voicemails. There was one new text for an added vacation check. Early morning patrol for construction noise, parking violations, and fishermen on the isles. All was quiet.

0830 – Roving patrols in the rain. After the skies cleared up, vacation checks were completed.

1615    10-8, no messages

1620    Resoponded to alarm at 1215 SE 6 St.  All secure.

1710    Call of vagrant walking in road with cart near 11th/cordova.  Contacted the individual who was looking for the beach.  Proper directions given.

1740    Car check engine light came on and engine sputtering.  Took vehicle to garage (also to have Krystle’s dent fixed).

1900    Checked Yacht Club

2100    Patrols through area

2300    10-7

Tuesday, April 11, 2017          

0600- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There are no new voicemails or t6exts. I reviewed the activity log.

0630- Patrolled business district along S. fed and Rio mainland in search of S-86 activity as notated in above log

0700- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.,

0750- I received a c all from resident who wanted to advise us that her vehicle had been rummaged through overnight, she stated that her son used the vehicle and most likely left it unlocked. The loss was approximately $15USD and the vehicle owners manualShe does not want to file a report  Additionally as I did a drive by I made contact stepping out to walk the dog,  at this point we engaged in conversation and discussed last incident approximately 1.5 years ago when she had bikes stolen off her front porch (later recovered) and placed into evidence. She was displeased after continuously trying to reach the evidence unit and the assigned detective to get her bikes back, but never got a return call and gave up hope of ever getting her property back. I will make contact with evidence to check into this matter and advise. It should be noted that she spoke highly of FLPD and the Rio patrol, but felt pushed off to the side being that it wasn’t the crime of the century.

0815- After speaking with above I decided to check on the home being constructed at the 600 block of 6St. That site was vacant. As I was exiting the site I made contact who called in the original complaint of a S-86 male shacking up inside. I then pointed out that we have been having some S-86 staying across Federal highway in the 3 vacant small structures, even from where we were we were able to see a sleeping bag on the front porch of the most easterly structure. She stated her cousin owns the 3 properties. I decided to go over and check the 3 structures and came across a small campsite in the most westerly structure car port. At this time all was vacant, but it is obvious someone is residing in the tent. Once I returned to Rio I advised her of my findings and she will advise her cousin to get trespass affidavits on file.

0850- Received and added text to vacation log.

0900- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC.

0915- Patrol of Rio mainland.

0930- Final rounds.

1700    Patrolling the area, received update for vacation list, added to log

1900    Checked Yacht Club

2100    Checked parks, patrolled mainland

2300    10-7

Wednesday, April 12, 2017        

0630- Patrol of business district along S. Fed. No unusual activity to report.

0700- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0740- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks, all quiet due to inclement weather.

0820- Patrol of isles, bridges, and LYC..

Added out of town check to HOA list

0900- Remained visible mainland area.

0930- Final rounds.

1518   10-8 from fuel, began patrol.

1537   Unlicensed fisherman on SE 8 ST bridge sent on way with a warning.

1620   Had to have the construction vehicles moved from SE 7 ST & SE 9 Ave. They had totally obstructed the view of the sign for W/B 7 St, creating a significant safety hazard. Warnings were given.

2000   Corridors, parks, LYC, Hemingway and neighborhood secure. 10-7.

  Thursday, April 13, 2017   

1050 – I spoke to a concern citizen about a lawn service that was blowing leaves into another person’s yard. It was resolved for now. I began roving patrols.

1100 – I began and completed the plethora of vacation checks.

1200 – I checked Hemingway and LYC.

1230 - Roving patrols in business district and mainland. Parks and construction sites all 10-4.

1300 – Continued patrols.

1556   Traffic stop for one way violation on divided roadway of 600 block ofPonce, driver was warned and admonished.

1712   Alarm apparent issue with the system as resident was home. Closed as a suspicious incident, 17-59002

1730   Out of town check request called in to the detail phone, I added it to the log.

1747   Call into detail phone regarding suspicious group of male juvs in the rear parking lot of the funeral home. Contact made with Rio Vista resident juvs doing something they should not. They were identified for contacting their parents. They were also given a trespass warning for the funeral home grounds.

2000   Corridors, parks, LYC, Hemingway & neighborhood secure. The last out of town check at 1316 NRV was done and found to be secure. 10-7.

  Friday, April 14, 2017

0700-   10-8 Called in detail; no new text messages or voicemails

                        Began froving patrols

0745    Hemmingway; LYC

            Stopped at LYC tennis center to plug up computer, log times and retrieve vacation list


Began and completed all vacation checks

0900    More roving patrols

            All parks, Isles and mainlands checked

            Back to Heminngway and LOYC

1600-   Patrolled the isles, bridges yacht club.

1630-   Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1730-   Patrolled businesses along S. Federal Hwy.

1800-   Final patrol of mainland and isles.

1830-   10-7

2100    10-8 Called in detail.  Two voicemails were left, one left a message about his child’s mother’s residence being burglarized Was concerned and requested any available assistance.  .  A second message, from resident indicated that she has surveillance cameras however she requested times to review.  Message was also saved.

2230    Patrolled LYC, all clear

2300    Business checks along Federal Highway, no activity

2330    Patrolled Isles, no activity

0030    Patrolled LYC, no activity

0105    Call for service, 800 blk SE 9th St in reference to loud music and a barking dog.  Nothing was observed or heard on previous patrols.  Responded again, nothing was found and no music was heard.  Reporter was anonymous.

0130    Corridor patrols, LYC

0230    VSW Park check, patrols all clear

0330    Final patrols all clear, recheck for noise disturbance negative

0400    10-7

Saturday, April 15, 2017

0555    Picked up phone, key and computer from the station and called in detail to Carol. 10-8

0855    Completed vacation checks for the mainland. I’ll be back for the afternoon shift to handle the rest. Peace.

1500    I’M BACK, stopped by the Snead’s and picked up the checks. Starting vacation checks on the Isles.

1700    Completed vacation checks.

1740    Sent to 1600 Ponce de Leon reference stranded boaters on the property trespassing. Met with stranded boat and assisted them to their vehicle. 10-98 MI.

1800    10-7

Sunday, April 16, 2017   

0745    10-8. Called in detail.  No missed calls, no new messages.

0800    Started vacation checks.

1000    Completed vacation checks.

1030    Continued roving patrol… everything 10-4.

1145    Everything still 10-4.  Neighborhood very quiet today.  10-7

2330    Began patrol the corridors all appeared to be secured.

0000    Patrolled LYC, Hemingway and surrounding areas All secured.        .

0100    Patrolled of Rio mainland, parks, and business district. All quiet

0200    Out of service

Monday, April 17, 2017            

0745 – 10-8, I left a message for Carol with my hours. There are no new messages. I reviewed both logs and updated the out-of-town checks. I conducted a property check at Hemingway and LYC.

0815 – Began vacation checks and patrolling in between checks.

1030 – Checks completed. Several vacation checks that ended today got home early this morning so I was able to say hello.

1100 – Received a call to add a vacation check to the log.

1145 – 10-7

Tuesday, April 18, 2017    

0600- 10-8, I left a message with Carol. There were no new voicemails or texts. I reviewed the activity log.

0740- Patrol of business district along S. Fed., no unusual activity to report.

0815- Patrolled Rio mainland, parks, and 11Ct alley.

0900- Patrol of isles, bridges, LYC., and Hemingway.

0930- Final rounds.

1000- 10-7

Wednesday, April 18, 2017 

1615    10-8

1645    Picked up signs from Carol and placed in trunk.

1700    Monitored traffic at one way.  2 traffic stops conducted.

1800    Call from resident wanting vacation checks.  Added to log

1940    Went back to station to pick up stickers for Signs

2020    Sign delivery

2220    Assisted in looking for vehicle burglary suspect at 12st/ Fed. Suspect fled south.

0630- Patrol of business district along S. Fed. No unusual activity to report.

0700- School bus stop patrol.

0730- Began and completed the out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0830- Patrol of Rio mainland and parks.

0910- Patrol of bridges, isles, and LYC. All quiet.

0940- Final rounds, remained visible mainland.

1000- 10-7

1900    10-8. I left a message with Hudson. There were no new messages. Log reviewed.

1930    Began patrol the corridors all appeared to be secured.

2030    Patrolled LYC, Hemingway and surrounding areas All secured.        .

2130    Patrolled of Rio mainland, parks, and business district. All quiet

2200    Drove around Rio Vista with overhead police lights for high visibility.

2300    continued high visibility patrol

0000    Secured for the evening

Thursday, April 20, 2017

0800-   10-8 Called in detail; no new messages or texts

            Began roving patrols

            Monitor one way on SE 9TH ave

0900    Hemningway check

            LYC to use laptop and retrieve vacation checks

            Completed vacation checks

            Check of SE 10th st

            All of Isles checked

1000    More roving patrol

            Check of one way for violators

            Mainlands checked

1200-   10-7

1500   10-8, detail called in to Carole. Two phone messages on the detail phone, both minutes before 1400. Callers report 3 B/Ms, 16-20 yoa, in all black clothing with black backpacks, were going door to door soliciting. Two made contact and told the resident they were soliciting for FLHS, but walked of when asked for proof. I called them back when I got in caller did not answer the door for them, and saw them look into his vehicles as they walked off. I began to canvas the neighborhood and called the FLHS SRO. The SRO advised he was unaware of any fund raising/soliciting at the school.

1620   No signs of the three males,

2000   Neighborhood patrolled for the three males but I did not come across any sign of them. Two out of town checks came into the detail phone and they were added to the log. Corridors, parks, LYC, Hemingway and neighborhood secure, 10-7.

Friday, April 21, 2017                         

0745 – 10-8, Called in detail. No new voicemails. I added one vacation check to the log from a text message and updated the log overall. I noted Captain Bollinger’s entry into the log and will canvas the neighborhood for subjects that claim to be soliciting.

0815 – Began roving patrols and vacation checks.

1030 – Vacation checks completed.

1045 – Added two more vacation checks via the Rio phone.

1115 – I started conducting one-way traffic enforcement on SE 9th Ave and 11 Court. I was then called to an alarm. Everything was secure, the construction crew for the home accidentally set off the alarm. Brian (homeowner) was 26.

1145 – 10-7

1300-   10-8, I left message with Carol.  I reviewed the activity log. No new text or voicemail messages.

1330-   Patrolled the isles, bridges and yacht club. I removed a truck that was obstructing traffic in the 1600 block of SE 10th Street.

1400-    I monitored the one way sign at SE 9th Ave and 12 Street for 45 minutes.  There were no violators.

1445-   Patrolled the mainland and parks.

1500-   Monitored traffic during dismissal at Bethany Christian School.f

1515-   I was flagged down about a disturbance in the 600 block of SE 8th Street.  Upon my arrival there were two W/M subjects arguing over an ex-boyfriend. They were previously fighting outside of Fort Lauderdale’s jurisdiction.  Both subjects made up and left together. The case was closed out as a disturbance 34-1704-063483.

1530-   Patrolled the businesses along S. Federal Hwy.

1600-   10-7

1900    In service, voicemail left on detail line.  Review of logs and initial patrol.

1930    Monitored SE 9th Ave and DSE 11th Ct, no violations

2030    Patrol of LYC, all clear

2100    Vacation checks of the two added residences from earlier today, all clear and cards left

2230    Patorol of Isles and LYC, as well as Fed Hwy Businesses all clear.

2330    Received call on detail phone from resident    She complained of an ongoing issue with an unnamed male. According to her, the male how very loud motorcycles and drives them back and forth on the block, creating a noise disturbance.  She attempted to discuss this with him in the past, but was met with resistance.  I responded to the area and could not locate the male.  The block was monitored afterwards but no other issues occurred.

0030    Patrol of isles. Contact with fisherman on SE 9th St, proper licensing.

0130    Continued roving patrol, all clear

0200    10-7

Saturday, April 22, 2017

1700-   10-8 called in detail; 1 new text for a vacation check

            It was added to the log.

            Went to Hemming to retrieve vacation checks, however there was an event and parking       was crazy, cars parked in the roadway and blocking neighbors driveway. Security asked

me about towing, and I advised her what she could do

            Retrieved vacation checks from laptop

1743    Began all vacation checks

1900    All vacation checks completed

            Hemmingway, parks, mainland and all areas checked

2030    Received a call from resident court about people hanging out in the cemetery. Resident advised they sleep there at night. Requested assistance from patrol as the cemetery gates were locked and there was absolutely no lighting at that hour. After walking the grounds we had to bear crawl under a fence, climb another fence to gain entry into the cemetery. We located the two homeless individuals and advised them they needed to leave. We waited on a cemetery callout that requested from Info channel. We were forced to climb the fence and bear crawl again through the dirt to exit the cemetery. Assisted the two homeless individuals in doing the same. We provided the men with homeless assistance information and trespassed them from the cemetery. Case number 17-64236

2130    10-7

city non emergency num


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