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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, March 30, 2014


1345    Patrolling the mainland and isles.

1525    I observed two RACE cars speeding in Rio Vista, very fast. One car was red and one was yellow both had race numbers on the doors #22 and #23. Needless to say, I could not catch up with them. If anyone knows who they are please let me know so I can speak with them.

1630    All the vacation checks were complete and all appeared secure. 10-7

Monday, March 31, 2014 


1015    Began and completed out of town checks. All appear to be secure.

1100    Patrolled Isles, bridges, and LYC.

1140    Foot patrol of parks.

1200    Checked above residences in reference to cameras. No body home.

1300-   Patrol to the rear of businesses along Federal, no unusual activity to report.

1545    Began patrols and re-checks of vacation homes.

1600    All vacation homes checked secure on re-check.

1720    Assisted a lost motorist seeking Las Olas Blvd. (again)

1800    A traffic stop was conducted in reference to a traffic violation at SE 12 Street/SE 9 Ave.

1815    Another traffic stop in reference to same traffic violation on SE 12 Street/SE 9 Ave.

1845    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club areas.

1920    I received a call on the detail phone from a member on SE 7 Street in reference 2 homeless type subjects sitting near the rear of the grocery store at SE 7 Street and US 1  Both subjects were intoxicated and both were given a trespass warning from the property and they left without incident.

2030    Checks of all businesses along US 1.

2100    Final checks of the entrance street to Rio Vista.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

0520    Patrolled mainland and isles. It is very quiet.

0620    Completed vacation checks

1545    I began patrols and re-checks of vacation homes.

1630    All vacation homes checked secure on re-check.

1640    I assisted a helplessly lost motorist from Argentina seeking the Bahia-Mar Hotel.  He had driven up and down every Isle multiple times and circled Ponce De Leon repetitively but could not figure out why he seemed to end up in the same place over and over again.  Assistance was rendered and our happy visitor was on his way again.

 1715   Received call on the detail phone from a member resident of a very intoxicated W/F at the Quick Stop Store located at 700 S. Federal Hwy.  Following the trail of empty beer cans, I arrived to find her inside the store arguing with the store clerk. 

            This was another exceptional demonstration of “poor judgment” and quite possibly the only remaining area of life she excels at to date not with standing becoming drunk and obnoxious which is clearly second nature to her.

            This officer had given her a trespass warning from this location on the previous evening but her flawed process of thought apparently had gotten the best of her once again. She decided to return to the store less than 24 hours after my warning.  Feeling as though I had not been taken seriously, I then decided to take her to jail. 

1845    I returned to Rio Vista having concluded the exciting and intellectually stimulating process of booking my overly intoxicated and vastly under appreciative prisoner.

            The vulgarity used & profane names I was called by my prisoner, have lowered my self-esteem to a point that I may need psychological counseling to heal my wounded mind. Or I may just go home and not loose any sleep over it.  The latter sounds very doable.

1915    Checked all of the parks.

2000    Checked the Isles, Yacht Club and Cordova Road areas.

2015    Staged Q35 car at N. Rio Vista Blvd and SE 9 Ave.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


1055    Observed man in a suit outside of residence apparently going over something regarding the resident’s exterior of the home.  Initially concerned that this may be a gypsy scam, I stopped out with the subject. Subject, who presented a Realtor card, claimed to be looking to set homeowners with a city program to assist with fixing up homes.  When I inquired if he was working with the City, he stated that he was not.  I then informed him that he needed a permit for door to door solicitations.  He left without incident.

1200    Completed vacation checks

1300    Continuing patrols.  A Beautiful day.

1710   Traffic stop, 1300 blk of SE 12 St. Explained to the driver the reasons we do not stop

           in the middle of the street to carry on a conversation, and the risk of injuries to

           multiple parties that results from doing so.

1756   Traffic stop, red light violation for the left turn onto SE 9 St from Federal Hwy. The

           driver was warned and admonished and I emphasized the significant safety issue

           he created by doing so during rush hour.

1830   Corridors, LYC, parks & neighborhood secure.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


1100    10-8, one message was retrieved from a resident regarding two flags catering truck driving recklessly in the area.  Unable to make out the callback number and the phone had been turned off.  We’ll keep an eye out for the truck.

1145    Completed vacation checks

1210    Flagged down by elderly driver who didn’t know why her turn signals were flashing.  I assisted her by turning off the hazard lights.  90 years old and still driving…

1300    Two warnings given for one way violations on SE 9 Ave

Friday, April 04, 2014

0530    vacation checks complete with exception of two, looked like owners have not left yet.

1650    I completed the vacation checks

1700    Began delivery of new signs/stickers

1800    Completed deliveries

1830    Conducted foot patrols

1930    Continuing patrols, Checked Yacht club

2100    Patrols

Saturday, April 05, 2014

0915    10-8, no messages located.  I was out on foot patrols at the Virginia Young Park for the Community Yard Sale event.

1200    10-8 from the yard sale

1300    Completed vacation checks

1530    Beautiful day, quiet out.

1655    I conducted a few rechecks and patrolled for a bit, now its time to call it a day.

Sunday, April 06, 2014        


1730    House checks completed.

1745    Patrol Mainland and area parks.

1830    Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1945    Check Federal business district.

Monday, April 07, 2014


0520    Still patrolling

1545    I began my patrols and checks of vacation homes.

1620    Dispatched in reference to a silent alarm.  Upon arrival the homeowner was present with some moving company employees.  I cleared the call out as accidental.

1720    Received call on detail phone from resident advising a suspicious old pick up truck appeared to be lingering in the area and asked that I drove by her house.  Upon arrival there were no pick up trucks on the entire street. 

            It is big trash pick up once again and I have seen several of the usual suspects in the area filling their trucks with refuse, likely related to this call. 

1755    All vacation homes checked secure.

1900    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club.

2000    High visibility patrols of entrance streets of the neighborhood.

2100    Final patrols of the area.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014  

0535    I began my patrols and checks of vacation homes.

0620    Completed vacation checks on isles.

1550    Began patrols and checks of vacation homes

1630    All vacation homes checked secure

1715    Storms appear eminent as dark and foreboding skies engulf the area

1800    The heavens have opened and copious amounts of precipitation prevail

1855    I checked the parks and businesses along US 1.

1925    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club areas.

2000    Final patrols of the area

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 


1045    Began vacation checks

1140    While checking vacation home, found kitchen door unlocked.  Set off alarm.  Called contact number.  Advised everything looked OK.  I locked the door.

1150    Vacation checks complete

1530   One message on detail phone, homeowner called to inquire about his alarm activation earlier today. I explained what occurred and he was ecstatic about the service & our

           finding the residence un-secure and correcting it for him.

1732   Traffic stop, 9 Ave & NRV. Stop sign violation. Driver couldn’t even offer a reason

           for rolling right on through. She was warned & admonished.

1758   Traffic stop in the 1200 blk of SE 8 St. While a homeowner was complaining to me

           about cars speeding down the block as children are playing, sure enough a vehicle

           came up behind me at an accelerated speed. She told me “this guy is going to rear

           end you” just prior to his swerving around me. Upon the stop the driver immediately

           exited his vehicle and stated he was late to vote at the LYC and had to go. Apparently

           driver needed to understand that his actions were dangerous

           and I took the opportunity to explain this to him. I don’t think I made any headway.

1830   Corridors, parks, LYC & neighborhood secure. 10-7.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


1045    Resumed vehicle patrols

1205    Call of a parking complaint.  Anon complaint of trucks parked in road.  Spoke with driver who was moving.  Advised to put cones out in the future.  MI completed.

1225    Responded to a burglary auto just occurred.  Surveying company left equipment in the truck for 3 minutes.  Truck bed cover was pried open and $10,000 piece of surveying equipment stolen.  I arrived in 60 seconds.  No culprit info.  Viewed video at retirement home, a white extended cab pick up left toward fed at a high rate of speed during the time of the offense.  Report taken.

1555   Passing the FDOT facility above the tunnel at the New River I saw all doors wide open

           and there were no vehicles parked in the area. Having never seen the facility like this

           before I checked the interior and no one was inside or about the building. I called FDOT

           and advised  about my findings. She was going to call their staff and have some

           one respond. I told her to have them call us if there was a problem. 10-8.

1828   Text message received regarding a Range Rover moving at excessive speed & blowing

           the 4 way stop. Reportee

           estimated the vehicle was traveling at least 70 mph. I responded and found a black

           Range Rover at the second house on the left. I checked the vehicles hood and it was cool,

           not consistent with a vehicle being operated as described. As I pulled away I was flagged

           down by a male walking 2 dogs. He advised he was the one who texted me about the


1930   Corridors, parks, LYC & neighborhood secure. 10-7.

2300    Patrolling

0000    Patrolling

0145    10-7

Friday, April 11, 2014                  


0720- Began and completed out of town checks. All appear to be secure.

0810- A check of business district along South Federal proved no S-86 and/or S-51 activity.

0840- Traffic stop conducted 9ave/11ct reference to one way. Citation issued.

0905- Traffic stop conducted reference to stop sign violation 9ave/9st.

0920- Received a call from member who is concerned about a vacant home set for demolition at 1739 Se 11St. She would prefer us to do a drive by every so often as she is concerned about possible S-86 gatherings. The residence is locked and all screens are in tact, several windows are in the open position. 

0940- Patrolled Isles, bridges, and LYC..

1000- Patrolled Rio mainland and parks.

1015- Final patrol all areas.

2315    Responded to anonymous loud music call.  Nothing heard but crickets.  MI completed.

2340    Traffic stop on vehicle for 35/25 in 1100 blk N. Rio Vista.  Non resident cutting through.  Warning given.

0000    Observed  vehicle stopped in 1800 bk SE 10 St with driver asleep behind the wheel.  Initiated stop.  I recognized subject from an arrest about 9 months ago for marijuana.  I asked if he had anything illegal, and he produced a grinder with 1gr marijuana.  He immediately began crying.  It appeared as though he was now living out of his car, since his mother had kicked him out of the house.  (He used to be a Gibbons kid who would speed and flip off his neighbors).  In conversing with him, he did not seem the same.  He admitted that he had tried LSD.  NTA issued.  14-014666.

0145    10-7

Saturday, April 12, 2014


1500    called in, 10-8

1600    Patrolling isles and mainland

1805    completed checks all appear secure

1830    10-7

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