Sunday, February 02, 2014 


1200    Completed checks, all appear secure

1330    Giving out many directions today.

1400    10-7

Monday, February 03, 2014               


0900    Dispatched to disturbance reference to a Homeless person causing a problem, arrived less then a minute. The man was in search of a free bus pass. He left without incident. No warrants.

0920    Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0950    Call reference a domestic situation

1015    Traffic enforcement 9ave. area. All law abiding citizens today.

1120    Patrolled Bridges and LYC.

1145    Patrolled Rio Vista mainland and parks. No unusual activity to report.

1155    Patrolled business district along Federal.

1545    I began my patrols and re-checks of the vacation homes

1610    Washed, fueled and vacuumed the patrol car.

1645    All vacation check homes appeared to be secure on re-check.

1705    I drove up on a disturbance in progress.  A resident was complaining that a neighbor at had pulled his parked vehicle down the street for the second time today and abandoned it in the roadway because he did not like it parked in front of his home.  He stated he did not actually witness this but rather the offending neighbor had told him that he had done it.

            I spoke to subject who was raking leaves from in front of his home where there had clearly been a recently parked vehicle.  I noticed a complete and obvious set a tire drag marks originating from this area and ending exactly where the vehicle was found setting nearly 4 residences to the east. 

            He admitted he was very upset the vehicle had been left abandon in front of his home because his garbage cans were not emptied this week but he would never pull the vehicle to where it was now parked and refused to admit he had stated that to the neighbor. 

            I noticed a very large 4 wheel drive pick up parked in subject’s driveway which would have worked nicely for just such an occasion.  I could not however locate any actual eye witnesses to this incident.  A disturbance report was taken and informed how to file a civil small claims lawsuit against should he find damage has occurred to his.  A report was taken #14-013127.

1815    I resumed my patrol from “Pinocchio’s Problematic Push/Pull Parking Panacea”.


1900    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club.

2000    Patrolled the business along Federal Hwy. and the entrance street to Rio Vista.

2100    Final patrols of the area.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014  

1545    I began my patrols and checks of the vacation homes.

1620    All vacation homes checked secure.

1730    Patrols of the Yacht Club, Cordova Road and the Isles areas.

1830    Patrols of the entrance streets to Rio Vista and mainland areas

1930    Patrolled all of the parks and business along US 1

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


1030    Began vacation checks


1130    Completed vacation checks.  I checked on cars parked in vacant lot 1600 block of SE 8 St for event.

1315    Completed delivery of stickers. 

1330    10-7


Thursday, February 06, 2014 

1545    I began patrol and checks of vacation homes

1605    Went to The Bimini Boat Yard and picked up 10 new yard signs, they are in the truck.

1715    All vacation homes checked secure.

1755    I delivered the two new yard signs

1830    Patrolled the Isles, Yacht Club and Cordova Road areas.

1900    Patrolled the mainland and checked construction sites.

1930    10-7, it was a quiet shift, all were warning and admonished.

Friday, February 07, 2014             


0845    Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0930    Patrolled Isles, bridges, and LYC. No unusual activity to report.

1030    Directions provided to lost motorist seeking ELO.

1045    Patrolled business area along Federal Hwy.

1115    Park check, quiet day.

1145    Final rounds.

2315    Observed underage youth operating golf cart.  Called parents and followed him back.  Family has been warned.  They advised that they will ensure the kids are no longer riding the carts.

0000    Continued patrols through area

0130    Quiet night.  No calls.  There was very little traffic or activity.

Sunday, February 09, 2014              


1645    Begin patrols and house checks.

1800    House checks completed during patrols.

1815    Patrol parks, and mainland.

1900    Check federal highway business district.

1930    Re-check isles.

Monday, February 10, 2014              


0630    Patrolled school bus stops.

0730    Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

0810    Patrolled Isles and bridges, clear of activity.

0830    Patrolled LYC.

0845    Traffic enforcement 9 Ave/11 Ct. No violators.

0920    Observed and removed a S-86 type w/m sleeping at Abrey Place.

0940    Dispatched to above location in reference to 2 W/M’s exiting the rear property. Upon my arrival the W/M was GOA. I continued to circulate their last direction with negative results. A property check proved all to be secure.

1725    I began patrols and rechecks of vacation homes.

1800    All vacation homes checked secure on re-check

1825    It appears to be Large Trash Pickup Eve and the usual suspects are trolling about the neighborhood with “bungee chords a bursting” as they seek untold curbside treasures once again.  Oh the joyous anticipation of discarded delights!!!! 

            There is nothing this side of Christmas morning; a Royal Wedding or the birth of their first born child that would keep these dedicated Junket Junkies from their rubbish rummaging rounds. The suspense filling the air rivals that of Election Day reporting. 

            Our local picking partners descend upon us with the unbridled vengeance of a rabid venue of vultures suffering from PMS and they leave a trail of white boned carcasses of what once was in their wake.  The most seasoned of these Waste Warriors can pile their new found loot so high and with such skillful engineering that it will legally require FAA marking lights for aircraft safety. 

            “No Sir, I do not have the matching Ottoman for that old sofa and I most certainly will not toss it onto the back your ½ ton truck (which already appears to be hauling about 37 tons of trash) for you!” 

1900    Patrolled all of the parks and found them to be secure.

2000    Patrolled the Isles, Yacht Club and Cordova Road areas.

2115    Checked a group of young male fishermen at the end of SE 10 Isle.  No problems observed as they were reminded to remove all of their trash before leaving the area.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014           

0620    Patrolling mainland.

0720    still on patrol

0825    Completed all vacation checks, all appears secure.

            1 – Member resident had a complaint of a barking dog from a residence located on SE 11 Ct., no officer was on patrol when her text message was received.

            2 – Resident new member wanted to make the patrol aware that an orange 2 person Kayak has become missing from his dock sometime over the past several nights. I went by the home and spoke to the owner who stated he did not wish to file a police report but only wanted to let us know in case it may show up somewhere soon.

            1725    I began patrols and checks of vacation homes.

1900    All vacation homes appeared to be secure on re-check.

1935    I received a call on detail phone from a resident in reference to a parking question.

2020    I checked some fishermen on the end SE 10 Street, all was found secure.

2100    Patrols of the Isles, Cordova Road and Yacht Club.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


1200    Completed vacation checks and moved car.


1547   Assisted Echo units on traffic stop/misd arrest and resumed patrol and updating

           RVSP signs between rain downpours.

1830    In between rain I updated approx 30 RVSP signs. The corridors, parks, LYC and

            neighborhood were secure. 10-7

Thursday, February 13, 2014


1135    Removed large palm frond from roadway in 1100 blk N. Rio.

1700   Flagged down by elderly couple from S Carolina looking for the lovely Sky Way

           Motel on SR 84. I gave directions but also told them to trust their instinct and try

           another motel if they had a bad feeling about the Sky Way.

1740   Cleared multiple illegally parked vehicles from 10 St that were also parked against

            traffic. No one was fishing, just gathering at the location.

 1930   Corridors, parks, LYC & neighborhood secure. 10-7.

0000    Patrolling

0150    Observed vehicle blacked out parked on Cordova across from residences with 2 subjects inside.  Subject arrested and released for possession of marijuana and possession fraudulent dl.  14-17467

Friday, February 14, 2014


0600    patrolled mainland and LYC. Very busy traffic wise this morning.

0645    Sun started to shine was able to start checks. All that were checked appeared secure.

2215    Began drive by vacation checks

2325    Observed car with lights on in drive.  Alerted homeowner who turned them off.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


1900    patrolling the mainland and Isles

2030    Completed checks, all appear secure.

2345    Neighborhood quiet.

0030    Made contact with Jamie (security at Yacht Club) and advised him of the current BOLO’s

0100    Patrolled isles and Federal Hwy corridor. All quiet

0200    Completed drive-by checks of out of town properties.