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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday August 4, 2013    


0000   Patrolled

0020    Checked house party; all ok

0045    Patrolled

0100    Patrolled

1645    Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1730    Patrol mainland, and area parks.

1830    Patrol Federal business district.

2030    l vacation homes checked secure during patrol.

Monday, August 05, 2013      


0945    Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

1150    Patrolled mainland and parks, heavy rain to begin.

1220    Patrolled cemetery isle and business along Federal.

1250    Contact was made with suspicious W/M walking east bound in the 1600 block 9 St. It was later determined he was lost and looking for Federal.

1315    Final patrols all areas.

2045    Flagged down by resident at 811 SE 9 St. Advised she heard her car alarm go off at approximately 2:20 am. Nothing was seen. FYI

2100    Began unmarked patrols

2130    Responded in reference to a burglary of a construction site in progress. Neighbor heard activity in the fenced off construction lot. Perimeter established and K-9 responded. It turned out that it was the general contractor checking on the site. All was OK.

2245    Responded to burglary in progress at a residence. Resident saw lights on downstairs when he had previously turned them off. Perimeter established and K-9 responded. Verified through home automation system that all was ok. No burglary attempt.

2340    Observed suspicious vehicle parked in front of vacant house on SE 5 Ct. Vehicle then pulled away upon seeing me. I conducted a traffic stop. It was a local resident who was talking with a friend in the vehicle. All was OK.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


1345    most checks complete all but ones with workers on the property. 10-7

PS. I walked into a spider web that was made of sticky twine the spider landed on my nose and then jumped backwards (apparently so I could get a better look at him). I now have spider in the face syndrome along with other issues. VERY SCARY.

1730    Patrolling in drizzle. I checked Yacht Club

1900    Checked businesses along Federal Hwy. Quiet.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

0920    I called in and there are no messages or missed calls.

1205    helped resident look for her Jack Russell, no luck, if found owner information is available.

1320    completed patrol

1545    Began patrols

1635    Dispatched to residential alarm. Upon arrival it was the real estate agent who accidentally failed to shut off the alarm while showing the home to a prospective buyer. I closed the call as an accidental activation.

1720    Complete remaining vacation home checks

1855    Checked the Yacht Club and the Isles

1955    Direction given to hungry tourist seeking the Outback Restaurant.

2005    I observed a 21 yrs old Hispanic female sleeping on the wall along the riverfront in Stranahan Landing Park. Concerned she may fall into the water while sleeping I woke her up and spoke to her. She identified herself and stated she was homeless. Unable to reach any homeless outreach officers I transported her to the Salvation Army for possible assistance.

            While at the Salvation Army the young lad y advised me she had been away from her home for over a month and her parents were probably worried. She told me she wanted to go home if her parents would allow her back. I made telephone contact with her parents who arrived within minutes from Sunrise and took her home following a tearful reunion. There was much rejoicing and happiness abounded.   (#13-090038)

2100    Returned to patrols

Friday, August 09, 2013            


0915    Began out of town checks.

1030    Property checks complete, all appear to be secure.

1045    Patrolled isles and LYC.

1100    Per resident’s request reference to a suspicious vehicle from Aug 6th. Contact was made with homeowner who stated that his former tenants had recently moved out and possibly had trucks present. All was secure

1115    Patrolled Rio mainland and parks, no unusual activity to report.

1130    Patrol of businesses along Federal Highway and cemetery alley way.

1645    Began patrols and re-checks of vacation homes

1715    Delivered new members yard sign

1800    Placed parcels inside gate during re-check of vacation home.

1900    All vacation homes checked secure on re-check

2000    Fueled and washed the patrol car

2100    Patrols through neighborhood

2200    Checked Yacht club and isles

Saturday, August 10, 2013


1705    Call from resident complaining that his neighbor parked on the swale in front of his house. I referred him to parking enforcement

1830    Completed vacation checks

1935    Responded to alarm at residence. Homeowner advised it had been malfunctioning. MI completed.

2100    Assisted Patrol with vehicle that refused to stop and fled into Rio Vista. Observed the BMW as it fled through the area and north on US-1

2115    Call from resident of WHITE FORD F-150 EXTENDED CAB with 3 B/M’s casing the area of SE 5 Ct. I checked the area, GOA. FYI…

2130    Checked on suspicious vehicle blacked out in parking lot of Workscapes. It turned out to be driver waiting on client from Valentinos. All ok.

2210    Removed 3 groups of fishermen from end of SE 10 St for parking and no fishing license.

2240    Traffic stop on vehicle for violating one way at Virginia Young Park. It was a mother visiting her daughter who just moved in. I advised on one way violation.

2300    10-8 Surveillance @ Cordova & 10 Street

0000    Surveillance @ 11 St & 5 Ct   All was quiet, local residents only

0100    Roamed neighborhood

0200    10-7

Sunday, August 11, 2013                


1545    Check in with Mr. Hudson and begin patrols.

1600    Check fishermen on 7th St bridge. I asked them to leave the area as they had no license to fish.

1700    Isles house checks completed.

1830    Mainland house checks completed.

Monday, August 12, 2013          


0845    I began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

1020    Patrolled Isles, bridges and LYC.

1050    I conducted foot patrol of parks making contact with several Rio residents, who all appreciated our presence.

1150    Flagged down by construction manager who stated several kids have been hanging out on the property (not being destructive or damaging) but have been swinging from ropes in the trees. Requested us to remove if we observe.

1210    Patrolled businesses along Federal Highway. No unusual activity to report.

1545    Began patrols and check of vacation homes. 

1730    All vacation homes checked secure on re-check

1825    Checked an individual fishing at the end of SE 10 Street. No problems noted.

1900    I am monitoring all of the garbage pickers driving through the neighborhood as tomorrow is big trash day. Everyone appears to be setting out lots of items on display.

2000    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club.

2045    Received call on detail phone from resident in complaint of a suspicious pick up truck wandering through the neighborhood on SE 7 Street, Ponce and Cordova Road. A traffic stop was made almost immediately on a Silver 2004 Ford P/U

The truck was driven by resident who was also looking through the area for sidewalk treasures. He was released without incident but advised to discontinue his hunt until daylight hours tomorrow.

2115    Staged the Q35 patrol car at SE 8 Street by the Christian school as school opens here tomorrow.  

2130    Walking back to my car……all secure 10-7

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


1530    conducting patrol and vacation checks

1730    Completed vacation checks, all appear secure

Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

1533    Dispatched in reference to a residential alarm. Upon arrival the residence checked secure from the exterior. A high pressure spraying crew was present upon the roof working which could have possibly activated the alarm

1545    Second activation of alarm. I had not yet left the scene from the previous activation. The homeowner arrived within a few minutes shut off the alarm. All was found secure inside.

1600    I began vacation home checks

1810    Homes on the mainland checked secure.

1915    All vacation homes checked secure.

2000    Staged patrol car at 1801 SE 10 Street and walked back to my car on Federal Hwy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013              


1545    I began and completed out of town house checks as it was a race against the rain. All appear to be secure.

1720    Patrolled Isles and LYC.

1745    Heavy rains began, I patrolled Rio mainland and alley way south of 11 Ct. No unusual activity to report.

1805    Flagged down by jogger in the 1100 block of N. Rio who found a FL license. Upon using my investigative skills taught to me by Detective Hancock, I located an address on the front of the DL and returned it to rightful owner. Case closed.

1840    Patrolled businesses along Federal. No unusual activity to report.

1910    Final patrol all areas.

Friday, August 16, 2013              

0910    Began and completed out of town checks, all appear to be secure.

1020    Patrolled Isles and LYC.

1115    Traffic enforcement 9 Ave/11 Ct. One verbal provided to Rio member.

1140    Final patrols all areas.

1605    On my way to FLPD garage with two flat tires which I found on the detail car upon my arrival. Apparently Officer Gestal was not so quick to pick up my superior investigative skills regarding tires that aren’t round and the potential reasons for same.

1715    I returned back to detail with all of the tires well rounded.   A wood screw and a roofing nail were located in one of the tires. The second tire had a hack saw blade and another roofing nail in it. Nice job Officer Gestal, clearly you are an over-achiever.

1800    All vacation homes on the mainland checked secure on drive by checks.

1900    All vacation homes on the isles checked secure on drive by checks.

1930    Patrolled the isles and the Yacht Club

2000    Checked all of the parks

Saturday August 17, 2013          


1430- Began vacation checks.

1500- Spoke with resident who advised we are doing a terrific job although she missed Captain Bollinger…

1530- Vacation checks completed. Feels like its 150 degrees outside.

1600- Patrolled isles and US1 businesses.

1630- Park checks and Starbucks check…

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