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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, May 26, 2013        


1645 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1730 – Patrol mainland and area parks.

1845 – House checks completed during patrols.

1930 – Patrol Federal business district.

Monday, May 27, 2013


1015 – Began out of town checks.

1130 – Out of Town homes checked. Began patrol of mainland.

1200 – Checked the business along Federal.

1300 – Patrolled the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


1615    10-8, called in and checked messages. One message found in reference to parking fishermen on 7 St. Bridge from yesterday. I checked the log and observed note reference a subject harassing residents on Cordova.

1645    Made it out subject’s house from above. I met with him and his mother and advised on harassing a witness. Contacted reporter from Saturday and advised of my actions. They were very pleased with the assistance and will recall if he causes any more problems.

1800    Checked Yacht Club areas

1940    Completed vacation checks.

2000    Observed suspicious vehicle stopped in front of house. I followed it through the area and contacted the driver who was looking at paint color ideas for their new addition on 10 St. All was 10-4.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  


1545    Began patrols and vacation home checks

1600    Heavy rains falling (again)

1730    The vacation homes on the mainland were found secure.

1900    The vacation homes on the Isles checked secure

1930    Patrolled the Yacht Club

2005    More storms were passing through the area.

2040    Assisted patrol units setting a box on SE 11 Street on a call of a possible B/E to a boat at this location. K-9 units checked the area and the vessel finding no evidence that a burglary had occurred. The call was cleared as a suspicious incident.

2105    A traffic stop was made upon a silver-colored 2009 Acura driven by a W/M juvenile on SE 11 Street at Cordova Road. The juvenile had a strong odor of marijuana on him and inside the vehicle. The juvenile stated he had been smoking marijuana at the house of a friend just moments prior. No remaining drugs were located inside the car. The juvenile’s parents were called to come retrieve their son and their car.  

2200    Patrolled entrances to Rio Vista and businesses along US1.

2300    Final patrols of area.

Thursday, May 30, 2013  

1630    Stopped by resident about police presence last night. I researched log and advised her of the 10-50 on 11 St. I began the house checks.

1800    Continuing house checks.

1900    Continuing patrol. No issues found. I fueled the detail vehicle.

Friday, May 31, 2013


1800    Flagged down by resident who found a lost dog. Ran the dog’s registration tag and contacted owner Miami Road. The dog was reunited with his owner.

1920    Completed vacation checks

2100    Checked Yacht Club parking areas

2200    Continued patrols through area. Off and on rain, a quiet night.

Saturday, June 01, 2013    

0700    10-8 Called in detail and left a message for Carol/No messages on detail phone

0715    Began patrols and vacation home checks, raining already, looks like a wet day ahead

0930    All vacation homes checked secure

1000    More rain begins to fall…….(lovely)

1045    Checked the parks

1140    Direction given to car load of people seeking the Port of Everglades.

1200    Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club.

1300    Continued patrols…..all is quiet on this rainy day

1325    Check a fisherman at end of SE 10 Isle, all was secure.

1400    Raining (again)

1430    Final checks of the area

Sunday, June 02, 2013  

0800    10-8 Called in detail and left a message for Carol/No messages on detail phone

0815    Began patrols and checks of vacation homes

0900    Fueled the patrol car

1000    All vacation homes checked secure

1050    Dispatched in reference to a residential alarm. Upon checking the residence all was found secure. A neighbor had a key and the interior was also checked and again found secure. The alarm was cleared as a malfunction.

1120    Patrolled the parks

1205    Flagged down reference seeking advice on handling a problem neighbor. After listening to the subject a for short time I forwarded to him the non-emergency phone number to FLPD to use in the event further problems arise and he desired to make a police report.

1300    Patrolled the Yacht Club

1315    Final checks of the neighborhood

Monday, June 03, 2013            


1000- Began and completed out of town checks. Upon checking a home it was discovered the rear kitchen door was left unlocked and opened. Contact was eventually made with homeowner via phone who stated they have returned from vacation and stepped out for a few minutes failing to secure door. All 10-4.

1100- Patrolled Isles and LYC.

1109- Responded to alarm. Contact made with resident who entered wrong keypad code. S-68 13-62692.

1140- Patrolled Rio Vista mainland and parks.

1155- Traffic enforcement 9ave/11ct. No violators.

1230- Patrolled businesses along Federal Highway. No unusual activity to report.

1300- Patrolled school area.

1700    Traffic stop at SE 11 Ct/ 9 Ave for stop sign. Driver had multiple suspensions on his license. Non-resident. Arrested driver and towed vehicle. 13-062826.

1900    Continuing patrols in area. Checked on film shoot on SE 9 Ave. All looking good.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

1715    Began vacation checks

1900    Flagged down reference group of youths in the fenced off lot on N. Rio. Contacted youth who claimed that it was his father’s lot. Allowed them to carry on with their merrymaking.

1920    Completed vacation checks

2010    Moved Q35 Car

Wednesday June 5, 2013              


1615- Routine patrol, began property checks.

1705- Property checks completed.

1800- Patrolled Isles, all quiet

1830- Raining

1855- Patrolling, still raining

1920- Patrolled US1 businesses, all quiet. Starbucks was busy

Thursday, June 06, 2013  

1505   Out of town checks completed and apparently secure.

1610   Traffic stop, one-way violation in the 1200 block of 9 ave. Lost 90 yoa out of town driver

           was warned and admonished.

1653   Lost nanny looking to deliver a “play-date”. Directions


1713   Out with crash at SE 1 St & Federal Hwy, just outside the tunnel.standing by due to the

           Resulting traffic nightmare and waiting on PSA .

1830   Parks, corridors and neighborhood secure. 10-7.

Friday, June 07, 2013            

0900- Called in reference to her car being burglarized. Contact was then made with resident who stated she had the car window fixed prior to the 21, however she failed to lock vehicle door overnight and is now missing misc. coins/AAA cards/chargers. Report taken 13-64321.

0915- Dispatched to alarm S. Federal Hwy. 10-8, accidental by employee.

0930- Patrol Isles and LYC.

0945- Patrol Rio Vista mainland and parks.

1815    Many of the streets flooded

2110    Observed vehicle driving slowly with flashers on. Stopped and discovered it was flower delivery man looking for address. Assisted him find the house.

2200    Traffic stop on vehicle for 35/25 on Cordova. Local teen rushing to pick up friend. Warning given.

2300    Began unmarked patrols

Saturday, June 08, 2013  

1440   Called on detail phone reference a suspicious Dodge Challenger backed in to the

           driveway. Responded and contacted a private security guard. Verified credentials, all ok.

1512   Out of town checks completed and apparently secure.

1700   Corridors, Parks & neighborhood secure. 10-7.

2330- Routine patrol, vacation checks.

0000- Patrolled isles, all quiet

0045- Patrolled businesses along federal hwy

0130- vacation checks completed

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