Sunday, April 03, 2011

1115 – Start patrols of mainland and house checks.

1215 – House checks all secure.

1230 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1345 – Resume mainland patrols and traffic enforcement. All quiet today.

Monday, April 04, 2011

0950-    House checks complete.

0950-   Patrolled behind businesses along Federal Hwy.

1010-    Patrolled Rio Vista mainland, Isles and LYC.

1115-    Returned to Rio Vista, contact was made with two w/m s fishing off the 7th st bridge,

ID check conducted, both had fishing permits and stated they are here often and always

Keep area clean.

1140-    Continued patrol of isles.

1230-     Call in reference to vehicles constantly parking

On the sidewalks  and forcing pedestrians to walk out into roadway.

Contact was made with resident who was advised that the vehicles need

To be parked in driveway and not on actual sidewalks, agreed and stated he

Move vehicles.

1240-    Continued patrol of Rio Vista Mainland, no unusual activity to report.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

1700            Completed vacation checks

1810            Assisted motorist whose car stopped at Cordova/9 St.  Apparently it just took my magic touch to get it started…

2020            Flagged down reference an alarm at the Pawn Shop at 704 S. Federal.  Apparent malfunction.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

0645            Began patrols and checks of vacation homes

0735            Dispatched reference to a residential alarm.  The homeowner was present and the alarm was determined to be an accidental set-off.

0820            Traffic enforcement near the area of the Bethany School, morning drop offs, speed enforcement and auto burglary prevention.  (No problems observed)

1055            Met with resident in reference to the VIN he supplied Officer Bohm with last week for a stolen utility trailer was incorrect.  He believes he now has the correct VIN and wanted to present it to Officer Bohm who as luck would have it was only 3 blocks away at the time.   Officer Bohm came on scene to meet to obtain the VIN.

1200            Located a lost motorist driving an older model red Chevrolet van.  The driver was looking to meet a friend in the 1200 block of SW 12 Street for lunch.  Directions were given and lunch was sadly delayed.

1245            Patrols of the Yacht Club, Isles and Cordova Road areas.

1300            I cleared a congestion of traffic in the 1600 block of SE 9 Street.  As an abundance of construction, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, delivery vehicles and anything else on four wheels was parked in manner which would not allow for an open roadway.

1945            Dispatched in reference to a subject receiving a graphic and disturbing photo/text message today.  The reporter was scared by the content of the message, a report was filed #11-039201

2025            While I was busy with the above call, FLPD units were dispatched to a violent domestic situation.  Upon my arrival to the scene a male subject was in custody for battery and transported to FLPD jail.  Report filed #11-039222

2130            Completed all needed paperwork on previous cases referred to above

2215            Completed re-check of all vacation homes (secure)

2235            Dispatched to residential alarm, upon arrival the alarm was cancelled per alarm company (proper code)

2250            Checked all Isles, Yacht Club and the Cordova Road area

2315            High visibility patrols along Federal Hwy, checked business and entrances to Rio Vista

0000            Transported my paperwork to FLPD and fueled vehicle

Friday, April 8, 2011

1100            Began vacation checks and patrols.

1230            Found the stop sign at SE 10 St./Cordova Rd. had been knocked over.  Had Dispatch contact Traffic Engineering to request repair ASAP.

1330            Vacation checks complete

1900            Checked Yacht club parking areas.  Lots of vehicles parked for an event

2000            Checked out fishermen on SE 10 St.  Had one vehicle move for illegal parking.

2130            Stopped wm on scooter for running red light at SE 9 St.  Warning given.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

1845            Retrieved two messages from detail voicemail.  Manager of the construction site at advised of a burglary of the location.  He advised that cameras will be installed at the location on Monday and requested extra patrol until then.  He also would like the marked car parked there if possible.   I returned call and left him a message.

1900            Began vacation checks.

2000            Completed vacation checks.   Received call back from site manager of.  He advises someone used a pick ax to make forced entry to a pad locked door.  Once inside they used a saw to cut wiring at the main junction box causing significant damage.  Manager advised that the wiring of this box consisted of approximately 1,000 man hours of work.  A burglary report was filed under case 11-040318 by a day time patrol officer.  The time of occurrence was some time Friday night after 1800 hrs and before 0700 hrs.

2015            I responded and surveyed the exterior of above call.  I located the pick ax used by the culprit at the point of entry along with the broken hasp to the lock.  Both were taken for further processing and to be submitted as evidence.  I will follow up with CID/Burglary.  Since tools and other copper items were not taken, it is possible the wire was taken to sabotage the project.

2020            I was coincidentally contacted by the construction site manager for another property.  He requested information regarding the RVSP detail/membership.  He indicated that the pad lock on his job site has been cut several times during the past couple weeks.  He is requesting an extra patrol of the location (currently a non-member).

2035            Traffic stop of  white Ford Ranger Pickup.  Found driving around 1100 blk of N. Rio Vista in circles.  Claimed to be looking for bulk trash even though it was not scheduled until Tuesday.

2100            Patrol of west side of neighborhood.  Extra attention to the construction sites.

2200            Received a call of noisy kids around the Virginia Young Park area.  Located about 20 teenagers who advised they were on a scavenger hunt.  I requested that they scavenge with a little less volume.  They say they will comply.  Time will tell.

2300            Circulated central part of neighborhood where most of the teenagers are congregating.  Made contact with another group of kids about to enter the park.  Advised them of hours and turned them away.

0000            Patrolled Cordova and isles.  Additional checks of homes under construction.

0100            Refuel marked unit. Patrol of SE 9 Ave and streets accessing Federal Highway

0200            Monitored traffic entering Rio Vista from Federal and from south on Cordova.

0300            Patrolled all areas of neighborhood.

0400            Backed up patrol officer making a traffic stop in the 600 blk of SE 8 St.  Driver (non-resident) arrested for driving on a suspended DL.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

0958            Responded to an alarm. Contact was made with homeowner who stated she accidentally triggered alarm. Closed out as MI S-68 11-040732.

1027            Began and completed house checks. All secure.

1055            Patrolled LYC, Isles, and Rio Vista mainland.

1115            Patrolled behind businesses along Federal Hwy.

1140            Made contact with two fisherman on SE 9th St., both had valid IDs and permits, and were getting ready to leave.

1150            Vacation residence had a box van parked in the driveway, with no identifying markings. I made contact with handyman and verified Id and presence. They stated they will be on the property over the next few days clearing out yard and interior of house

1200             Patrolled and assisted with traffic and parking for car show 1800 blk of Ponce.

1220            Patrolled all areas of Rio Vista. Made contact with fisherman Paul Khron, stated he will as he always does clean area when he leaves.

1222             Back up for 1C304 1552 Cordova reference S-22.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1415 – Spend aprox. 1 hour making contact with several members enjoying today’s car show.

1530 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1630 – Patrol Rio, Ponce and area parks with several passes through the Ponce area car show.

1745 – Patrol Federal Highway area.

1815 –Very quiet day, good turn out for car show with no problems or complaints.

Monday, April 11, 2011

0910            Began out of town house checks. All secure.

0940            Patrolled behind businesses along Federal Hwy. Along with Isles, LYC, And mainland.

1050            Stepped out with several pickups/vans that were scanning the area for bulk trash day.

1100            Made contact with Det/Sgt Fromm and Det. Mueller who were investigating a 21 which occurred, during the evening hours of Fr., Arpil 9th in which interior wiring and tools were taken.  Sgt. Fromm advised property manager they will put out a zone alert.

1150   Conducted a FI card at the corner of SE 7th St/ N. Rio with Sgt Fromm and Det. Mueller, who retained FI card.

1220   Continued patrol and stepping out with several additional vehicles looking for salvageable material.

1235    Stopped at residence  reference to car doors left open. Homeowner stated she left doors open in order to air out vehicle in which her dog got sick in.

1700            Tonight is bulk trash night and the vehicles circulating the neighborhood have begun to arrive.

1800            Checked the isles and homes under construction.  Patrolled parks and surrounding areas.

1900            Maintained a presence on Cordova and Ponce/Fed monitoring incoming traffic. Watched cars at church and dead end of Ponce for a party (detail on scene)

2000            Stopped one truck with an unsecured load and sent him from the area.

2100            Additional checks of the construction sites.

2200            Monitored neighborhood access points along Federal and SE 9 Ave at 11 Ct.

2205            Responded to residence reference a disturbance where one party was reported to be armed with a knife.  Determined to be verbal only.  OR# 11-41339

2220            Assisted units with a suspicious intoxicated w/m found above the tunnel.

2245            Made contact with a couple fishing on the SE 7 St bridge.  Their vehicle was improperly parked.  They corrected problem.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

0900            Patrolled neighborhood and remained visible in the school area as kids arrived.

1000            Conducted checks of homes on the out of town log.

1800            Patrolled area, checked Yacht Club parking areas

1900            Patrols of isles, little activity

2120            Responded to disturbance where caller’s 11 yo Autistic son was out of control.  Upon arrival, son was calm and all OK.  MI completed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

0720            Began patrols of neighborhood and checks of vacation properties

0800            Extra patrols to area of Bethany Christian School during morning drop off of students and traffic control of the area.  All appeared to be secure during the rush.

0845            Resumed patrols

0950            Remaining vacation homes checked secure (and abandon)

1055             Traffic stop on white utility van from South Carolina speeding through Rio Vista streets, the driver was a contractor/salesman from Mississippi trying to sell products at various construction sites.  He was ticketed for disregarding a traffic control device and improper brake lamps.

1215            Dispatched to residential alarm.  I arrived within less than a minute of dispatch to find the daughter of the homeowner still attempting to silence the alarm.  No alarm code had been provided to her. We made a couple phone calls and were able to silence the alarm, coded out as accidental activation.

1300             Patrolled the Isles, Cordova Road area and the Yacht Club.

1335            Final Checks of the area, lots of vehicles parked in the roadway today from various types of construction or utility work in progress.

1500             I patrol Federal Highway business district.

1545              Patrol Rio, Ponce, and area parks. Special attention to traffic concerns expressed my member during prior patrols. (9th ave, 9th st., and 12th street for speed, stop signs, and one way violations).

1645 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1730 – More patrols of mainland.

1915            Finally got through to Mr. Weber’s phone and left the voice message, explained the problem on the message

2000            Recheck of the vacation homes (secure)

2040            Checked to B/M fishermen on SE 7 Street bridge, all appeared to be in order except I had to ask them to move their vehicle to a legal parking area which they did without incident.

2225            Checked all of the parks (secure/empty)

2235            Dispatched in reference to a welfare check.  Resident’s husband is an airplane pilot who was concerned that she was not answering her telephone tonight and he was overseas and unable to check on her.  I located her at the home, she stated that she had fallen asleep and apparently didn’t hear the phone ringing.  MI Card #11-042194

2315            Traffic stop made on a 1995 Toyota (535 TRX) in the 1700 block of SE 7 Street.  The vehicle didn’t appear to belong in the area and had only on operating headlamp.  The driver of NW 13 Ct. had no drivers license in her possession but was found to be  legally licensed.  She stated she was just out looking at all of the nice big houses.  She was issued citations for no drivers license in possession and improper headlamps and advised that this hour of the night was not the best time to be sight seeing in Rio Vista.

2340            Final checks of area

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1620   Out-of-town checks completed and apparently secure.

1650   10-50, 9 & 9, stop sign violation. Resident warned.

1700   Began corridor patrol regarding rush-hour cut-thru traffic.

1820   Corridors secure, resumed neighborhood patrol.

1945   Called by resident regarding her front door open, and she is not sure if

she left it unlocked. Residence checked and secure.

2000   Parks, corridors, LYC and neighborhood secure.

Friday, April 15, 2011

1100            Vacation checks completed.  Patrols of Rio/Ponce area.

1200            Patrol of isles/Cordova.  Removed illegally parked car from end of SE 10 St. & opened up congestion on same street due to numerous landscaping vehicles.

1445            Began patrols and re-checks of vacation homes

1530            All vacation homes were found secure

1645            Checked two elderly fishermen on the 7th Street bridge (all secure) regulars, no fish again

1720            Checked a complaint of a large amount of trash floating in the inter coastal water way.  Discovered it was due to exceptionally high tides and noting more.

1800            Checked all of the parks and found them to be empty.

1840            Noticed a large crowd is gather in the 1100 block of SE 8 Street due to prom preparations for tonight.  All is orderly and very well dressed.

1915            Disbursed a W/M homeless individual who was urinating to the rear of a business at 6 Street and Federal Hwy.  No warrants were located on the individual who quickly found the west side of Federal Hwy in lieu of finding the Broward County Jail.

2000            Checked all of the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

1430            10-8 Called in left a message for Mr. Weber/No messages on detail phone

1445            Began patrols and checks of vacation homes.(raining)

1510            All vacation homes checked secure

1555            Checked the Isles, Cordova Road and the Yacht Club areas, continued rain, not many folks moving about the area.

1615            Removed a B/M fisherman from the end of SE 10 Street, the subject was illegally parked and when I asked him to move his vehicle he decided it was time to leave anyway.  This worked out well for the fish and I was not too upset either.

1700            Checked all of the parks, a little rainy for most but there was a band playing music under the gazebo near the riverfront.

1710            Received call on detail phone from a representative of the Rio Vista Church who advised it appears a homeless individual as taken up residency in the shrubbery directly to the rear of the Domino Pizza along side of their building.  I was advised they are finding flattened cardboard and empty beer cans next to the building behind the shrubs.  They have cleaned up the site but the mess keeps returning.  Most likely late nights, asking for officer to check on this periodically.

1730            Continued to be very quiet

1750            Attempted to catch a black bobbed tail Labrador running freely in the area of the 800 block of Ponce De Leon.  The dog was wearing a silver chain and red collar with tags but refused to allow me close to it.  The owner was nowhere to be found, the dog was not aggressive but running scared, he appeared to be lost and looking for his home.  The information was given to dispatch in the event that someone may call in about their dog.

1815            Final checks of the area, all appears to be secure.