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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, February 06, 2011

1430 – 10-8, received a call via detail phone as well as dispatch for a w/m sleeping on a bench at Virginia Young Park. W/M was gone on arrival but I located him walking to Federal on SE 11th Street. He was warned to stay out of the area and he continued to Federal Highway. MI-14461.

1500 – Flagged down in reference to a hit and run accident. Homeowner said her car was hit while parked in the street. No vehicles seen by the owner or neighbors. Accident report 11-14469.

1630 – All house checks completed.

1700 – Patrol Isles, Cordova and LYC.

1800 – Patrol Rio, Ponce, and area parks.

Monday, February 07,2011

1210-  Contact was made with a fisher man off Se 9th st. advised not to leave any debris behind and stated he was getting
           To leave for the day.

1245-  House checks complete.

1336-  Upon patrolling LYC I observed a red Ford Expedition with its driver door left open.
           The vehicle contained GPS, and several garment bags of clothing. Owner then noticed my concern
           And approached me and stated he was unloading some of his belongings from his boat
           And forgot to close vehicle door.

1340-  Contact was made with any home that had a moving truck, van or box truck in the
1515-  Continued patrol, checking behind businesses along Federal Hwy., parks,LYC., mainland
           And Isles. No unusual activity to report.

1800            Conducted checks of parks and SE 9 Ave.  

1900            Completed checks of all the isles.  Made contact with fisherman improperly parked at the end of SE 10 St.  They relocated their vehicles. 

2000            It is bulk trash day.  Continued to circulate the area.  Made contact with those driving trucks with unsafe loads and sent them from the area. Checked on cars parked at the funeral home. 

2045            Contacted by resident in regards to someone placing a collar of white tape around her cat  neck with a note indicating they thought the cat was a nuisance and warned the owners to keep it inside or it would not be seen again.  She provided me with the collar made of tape.  It was placed into evidence in the event some harm came to the feline. Case # 11-015022. 

2200            Completed checks of all the side streets accessing Federal Highway.  

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

1700            Conducted checks of homes on the out of town log. 

1800            Completed checks of all the isles, Cordova, the Yacht Club and Ponce. 

1910            Contacted by a male in front of the convenience store locate at 700 S. Fed regarding chest pains.  EMS was summoned. 

1930            Conducted checks of access points connecting with Federal Highway.  10-7

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

0900            10-8 Called in left a message for Mr. Weber/(1) message on detail phone

            1957 A call was received from resident who was alarmed by a telephone call she received from a solicitor claiming to be collecting money for the police department.  She stated it was nearly 2000 hrs and the solicitor kept stating that he could be right over to her door to collect her cash if she would just contribute. 
            I made a telephone call to the FLPD FOP and learned that active telephone solicitations are underway at this time and the number that resident had received the call from was one of the authorized solicitation lines.  It appears this was a legitimate call.  She was given a follow up call to inform her of my findings.

0935            Began patrols and checks of vacation homes.

1055            All vacation homes checked secure

1100            Checked all streets entering Rio Vista, rear of businesses along Federal Hwy ect…

1140            Flagged down reference furniture delivery truck driver looking for 1220 SW 10 Street.  Directed him to the SW area of Ft. Lauderdale where he could begin his search all over again but possibly better results than searching the SE area.

1235            Removed a homeless type W/M that was loitering at the rear of the ventilation station near the park.  The subject had no warrants but was advised that he was trespassing, he left without incident.

1330            Checked all parks (secure)

1415            Patrolled area of Bethany School for afternoon release, observed for suspicious persons and speeding vehicles, I found none of either.

1505            Responded to the 700 block of SE 7 Street in reference to a dog running loose.  Upon arrival I located a very friendly white and brown small Jack Russell.  The reporter was concerned that the dog may get struck by a car as he had seen a near miss already.  Within a few minutes the owner of the dog drove onto SE 7 Street off of Federal Hwy and retrieved the dog.  Apparently the family children do not watch closely enough when they enter or exit the house and the dog can escape undetected.  The resident has been cautioned to keep her dog secured.

1535            Checked a silver Cadillac parked at vacation check home discovered a realtor on premises showing the property to a prospective buyer.           

1615            Final patrols of area.  All seems secure.

2215            Drive by re-check of vacation homes found all secure

2245            Began a foot patrol of areas near Federal Hwy. from SE 12 Street to SE 5 Ct.

2335            Removed a homeless type W/M from the patio furniture in the front of the Starbucks Coffee House, it appeared he was camping for the night. No warrants located.

0000            Resumed moving patrols

0015            Located a 2010 silver VW (W43OHS) parked in the drive with the trunk lid standing open.  I attempted to awaken the homeowners who are the registered owners of the vehicle but I was unsuccessful.  I closed the trunk lid and left, it is unknown if anything may have been stolen or if this was an accidental event.

0040            Responded to Federal Hwy in reference to a report of motorcycles racing N/B on Federal Hwy., it appeared they had left the area upon my arrival.

Friday, February 11, 2011

1545            10-8, 2 messages regarding solicitors form yesterday.

1630            Checked Yacht club parking areas.  Rainy and wet.

1710            Stopped suspicious vehicle with broken window and TV in the back.  Subject of Oakland park just off of probation for trafficking cocaine.  Subject was a construction worker in the area.  Search negative.

1830            Removed bike ramp from the middle of the roadway in the 1000 blk SE 6 Ct.

2000            Completed vacation checks

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1000            Completed checks of homes on out of town log for west side of neighborhood and began issue of renewal stickers for 2011. 

1130            Flagged down in reference to a homeless man who entered the S. Federal Animal Hospital and was possibly causing a disturbance.  I responded and observed the individual leaving without incident.  He was contacted and agreed to leave the area as he appeared to be panhandling. No complaints were received by employees at the business.

1300            Completed vacation checks and circulating isles with renewal stickers. Patrolled all of the isles.

1500            Continued distribution of renewal stickers.  Extra presence around church to provide security for parked cars.

1700            Patrol of parks, SE 9 Av and Federal Highway access points.  

1900            Party beginning in the 1100 blk of Ponce.  Valet company on hand to take care of vehicles.  No complaints thus far. Completed final rounds.  10-7

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1500 – Begin house checks and replace 2011 membership stickers.

1630 – All house checks completed, and members needing stickers completed as well.
1700 – Patrol Isles, Cordova and LYC.

1730 – Patrol Rio, Ponce, and area parks. Extra patrol and radar speed enforcement on 7th st., and 9th ave area due to complaints. No violations observed.

Monday, February 14,2011   

1215-  House checks complete, all secure.

1220-  Resident called in reference to barking dogs.  She stated the dogs are outside and barking at 0615hrs. Contact was made with dogs owner who advised me that her husband gets up early in the morning to get ready for work and lets the dogs out back to do their thing. She apologized and stated she will speak to her husband in reference to this matter and will have the dogs go out front in the morning. Caller has been advised.

1236-  Responded to a moving detail.

1320- Continued patrol of Rio Vista Mainland, Isles, and LYC, nothing unusual to report.

1400-  Patrolled behind businesses along Federal Hwy.

1430-  Patrolled parks.

1500-Final rounds of patrol.

1830            Circulated each of the isles and maintained a presence on Cordova.  Cars beginning to park at the end of Ponce regarding a function at one of the residence.  Extra patrol to assist with parking issues and to keep an I on vehicles.

1930            Patrolled parks and SE 9 Ave. 

2030             Provided high visibility along Federal and side streets accessing Rio Vista.
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1730            Stopped vehicle for stop sign/ speeding on SE 9 Ave.  Warnings given.

2200            Stopped vehicle for red light violation at SE 9 St/ Federal.  Warning given.

2240            Responded to call on SE 14 St where a strange boat had tied up to woman’s dock who was home alone and several b/m were exiting onto the dock.  Turned out that the boat had become disabled and was awaiting a tow.  Handled by patrol unit.

2300            Observed vehicle parked at end of SE 10 St past the fence and almost on the seawall.  As I approached the vehicle, I smelled burning marijuana.  2 non-resident females were in the vehicle.  A search of the vehicle revealed a cookie jar filled with marijuana.  Driver was arrested for felony possession.  Case 11-18243.

0045            Began unmarked patrols of Rio Vista.

0130            Circulated along River for subject who just committed robbery at Riverwalk.  Subject arrested by patrol.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011  

0615             Began patrols and checks of vacation homes

0630            I removed two homeless type W/M’s that were drinking beer at the bus stop on SE 7 Street and Federal Hwy.  No warrants were located on either subject, left without incident

0730            Observed morning traffic at Bethany School during morning arrivals.

0820            All vacation homes checked secure.

0900            High visibility patrols on entrances streets to Rio Vista.

1015            Observed a W/M riding an unregistered bicycle E/B in the 1000 block of SE 9 Street.  It appeared the subject was drinking from a clear cup that contained an alcoholic beverage.  The rider was identified.  No warrants were located and the subject had a feeble story that he was a handy man looking for work in Rio Vista however; he was not in possession of any tools or a cellular phone.  He has a criminal history and was arrested as recently as last month on prowling charges.  The subject was arrested via an NTA #11-018373. 

1445 – Patrol Rio, Ponce, and area parks with extra attention to traffic enforcement on SE 7th St., SE 9th St., and SE 9th Ave. due to member complaints.

1600 – Patrol Isles, Cordova, and LYC.

1645 – Patrol Federal Highway, business district.

1725 – Resume neighborhood patrols.

1845            Began patrols and re-checks of vacation homes

1905            I received a found wallet from a vacationing subject from Brazil who had located the wallet on A1A just north of Sunrise Blvd.  The wallet contained personal papers and cash with the identification.  I requested a patrol unit go by the residence and make contact with the owner who was not yet aware that his wallet was missing.  I met the subject at SE 9 Street/S. Federal Hwy and returned his property to him.  MI Card #11-018586

1945             Resumed patrols

2005            Rain begins to fall heavily, not many persons out this evening due to the weather

2045            Checked on several subjects fishing on the Isle at end of SE 10 Street, all were reminded to clean up the area before leaving, no problems observed.

2100            Stopped by a new resident of Rio Vista in the 700 block of SE 6 Ct who desired information on joining the security association, I forwarded the requested paperwork and answered several questions.

2200            All still quiet, still raining

2240            Checked all businesses along Federal Hwy, no problems located

2315            Final patrols

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1115            I located a W/M sitting on the sidewalk in the 800 block of Ponce De Leon drinking a beer.  He is a resident of the assisted living facility.  I informed him that by law he was not allowed to drink beer on the sidewalks or streets in Ft. Lauderdale.  He complained that he could not drink beer in his group home either and he was getting “damn tired of being told I can’t drink beer.”  In an attempt to sympathize with this subject’s dilemma and the overall feeling of hopelessness that must consume him now that prohibition has firmly grasped his personal life from every angle, I gave him to a fast count of five to pour out the beer or go to jail.   He quickly elected to conform to my request, however; in a rebellious final act of protest he screamed “this finking streeks, man” as he rose up and staggered all the way home.

1140            Began checks of vacation homes.

1245            All vacation homes checked secure.

1420            I observed a B/M subject who had just exited a blue Ford Van (H600XS) in the 1200 block of SE 12 Ct.  The subject was beginning to walk toward a residence with a hand full of door hanger advertisements.  I stopped him and identified him.  The subject had no permit to solicit and was directed to leave the area until such time as he had obtained the proper paperwork

1445            A traffic stop made in the 800 block of SE 9 Ave.  The driver the 2009 BMV had a tag that expired in January of 2010.  After investigating the driver was arrested on the charge of an expired tag over six months (fourth offense), expired drivers license, no insurance and disobedience of a traffic control device.  He also had an active warrant out of Miami-Dade County for a vast array of other traffic related offenses.

1600            Continued traffic enforcement of SE 9 Ave at 12 Street with illegal entries into Rio Vista violating the do not enter signage.  (4 citations were written today)

1640            Checked the gazebo at Tunnel Park in reference to a complaint of a homeless W/M drinking beer and sitting on the bench.  Upon arrival the subject had made his way down the riverfront to nearly NE 3 Ave.  No beer was seen in his possession at this time

1730            Final patrols, checked parks, Yacht Club and Cordova Road.

Friday, February 18, 2011

0930            Traffic stop on red Lexus SUV making illegal turn on Fed. Hwy.  Out of town elderly couple trying to get to the furniture store via a short cut.  Issued verbal warning.
1030            Vacation checks complete.  General patrols of all areas.

1130            Monitored stop sign Cordova/9 St. and parking/road blockages along all isles.  Residents happy to see it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011  

            3)  1930 hrs-call from resdient complaint of three juvenile boys shouting obscenities at his home, wanted assistance (return call was made today)

            1505             Began patrols and checks of vacation homes

1550            Several traffic stop made on SE 9 Ave, violations of do not enter signs from SE 12 Street.  Several resident walked by to express their appreciation for some enforcement of the area which apparently is concerning to many that live near by.

1630            All vacation homes checked secure

1820            I located a 1996 green BMW 328SI parked at SE 9 Street/Federal Hwy with no tag. The vehicle was showing a for sale sign in the windshield so I contacted the owner who lives in Rio Vista and had him remove the vehicle as it was parked with no tag on a public street.  It was removed within 10 minutes without incident..

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