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Campout & Cookout


For those who are not particularly outdoorsy, the
Campout was a great way to introduce their children to a
different kind of experience and the opportunity to meet
neighbors that one may not have known prior. For those
whose idea of camping is a weekend at the Holiday Inn,
this was an ideal way to spend a quiet evening and join
with others in hearing the sounds of our native owls
without the exposure to stormy cold weather or perhaps
the dreaded bears that inhabit the nearby woods. It was
amusing to hear the comment about hearing for the first
time the 4 AM north bound FEC train and the siren on
the New River Bridge that announces the bridge is
being lowered to allow the train to pass over the river.
As always, campers were protected during their
scavenger hunting escapade into the adjacent woods
(neighborhood parks) Saturday and into the very early
morning hours of Sunday morning by our own Rio Vista
Patrol, the always friendly and available, Captain Steve
Scelfo, District II Commander. Guess the word got out to
the goblins and raccoons that Commander Steve had his
stun gun ready for immediate protection.

The “phenomenal neighborhood hunt” that took most of
Saturday afternoon was put together by our president,
Warren Sturman.  Woody (Warren), Jessie and a toy
soldier led several teams throughout the neighborhood
visiting Abreu, Hector, and Virginia Young Parks searching
for goodies along the way. The kids had a fantastic time
while the adults enjoyed trying to figure out some of the
more challenging clues.  A big thank you to Catherine
(Warren Sturman’s daughter) and Nancy Messing’s son,
Peter, who played the toy soldier for helping out!

We are fortunate to have the continuing interest of several
of City politicians in our RVCA events; namely Mayor Jack
Seiler and own District Commissioner, Romney Rogers, as
well as good friend Broward County Mayor Tim Ryan.  If
you didn’t take the opportunity to greet each and thank
them for their continuing interest and support, please do at
our next event.

For those concerned about the quality of the dead grass in
the park, primarily from our overuse at our Holiday Party
and this event, the center of the park has since been
completely re-sodded. Thanks again to Mark Almy from the
Parks Department for his immediate attention. 

It was another great event and the RVCA is hoping to see
all again next year!