he Rio Vista Civic Associationhas again hosted
another extraordinarily successful event, this time the
2015 Campout at Virginia Young Park. The RVCA

provided all drinks, entertainment, dinner, S’mores and
firewood on Saturday night and a delicious breakfast on
Sunday morning, all free of charge to participants. 

The event held Saturday, February 9, was chaired by
RVCA’s newest Board Member, Sam Koster, and his wife
Celeste and was attended by some 25 families. Seeing all
the multi-colored tents was reminiscent of the Albuquerque
balloo n races, albeit on a much smaller scale, of course!
The tents were located around the periphery of the park,
leaving the center of the park for activities such as football,
tag, an occasional competition involving hula-hoops,
general lollygagging, a small bonfire that provided some
with time for a nice fireside chat, and, as always, the
crowd favorite, S’mores. Best of all, with the use of the
park’s newly installed electrical service, (thank you
Commissioner Rogers!
) there was a movie sponsored by
PNC Bankwith a 20’ screen, elaborate sound equipment,
and a pop-corn machine. The Bank is to be congratulated
for the first of hopefully many contributions to our
Association’s gatherings.

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